There isn’t a development that has the debate over Angular vs React vs Vue in JavaScript. All three are about the same but possess some advantages over others which initiates a complex confusion on the right framework for development. 

If your team is getting these thoughts then here we will be discussing all these three; VueJS vs React vs Angular and also you can check our previous post for comparison VueJS vs React.

Here we will cover basic information on these top frameworks including VueJS, React, and Angular with their history and differences that make them better than others.

Let’s start with their basic information – 


vuejs vs react vs angular

Vue JS is an open-source model–view–View Model front-end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

Vue JS offers an incrementally versatile architecture that focuses on declarative rendering and component composition where the core library is concentrated on the view layer only. Their officially supported libraries and packages provide support for advanced functions and features, even for complex projects.

Vue JS allows for extending HTML with HTML attributes called directives. The directives offer functionality to HTML applications and come as either built-in or user-defined directives.


vuejs vs react vs angular

Released by Facebook in 2013, React is a JavaScript library for modern apps and web development. React is used to handle the view layer and can be used to develop both web and mobile applications. In addition, there is a mobile-specific react framework for mobile app development named ‘React Native.’

React empowers developers to build large web applications that can modify data without reloading the web page. The main objective of React is to be fast, scalable, and simple to work with. React works only on UI or UX in the application. This epistolizes to view in the MVC template. It can be used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as AngularJS in MVC.



Google Inc. developed Angular is an open-source front-end framework for Dynamic web applications. It’s considered a front-end framework for innovative single-page web applications and is based on the advanced TypeScript, which has the capabilities of JavaScript with some advantages. Angular is developed by and has support from Google and an open community of Angular developers. This helps to keep continuous development, improvement, and new features.

Angular is basically an upgrade of AngularJS and previous versions of angular are angular.

VueJS vs React vs Angular

VueJS vs React vs Angular


The central part of these both is about the same because they share the same elements except some. So, for example, both VueJS and React use Lazy Loading for performance increment and lower load times, and both have virtual DOMs. Angular is the heaviest in this competition still smaller than a web page(<2 MB) because Angular is a  Monolithic framework with extensive functionality.

Both of them perform excellent with their own advantages – 

  • VueJS offers a better startup time and memory allocation function, while React provides a way better runtime and Angular provides more functionality.
  • Single modification of any React component initiates the rerendering in that subtree.
  • In Vue, these dependencies are tracked—so unnecessary re-rendering is prevented.
  • VueJS can handle a high frame rate of 10FPS while react still at 1FPS.
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As popularly, Vue stands up in the charts with minor differences. We can also measure this with star count on GitHub. As of now, VueJS has 181k stars, React has 168k stars, and Angular has only 78k on GitHub.

Angular and React has a more common name and also there are some tools with similar names that give an advantage in popularity over VueJS.

According to a report from Google Trends, companies are looking more for React and Angular developers than VueJS. Even in jobs, react jobs are more popular than vuejs with trending Angular. Another factor here would be the users of each framework. For example, amongst the users of Vue, there’s Trustpilot, BMW, Vice, Nintendo, Adobe Portfolio, Euronews, and many others. On the other hand, BBC, Airbnb, Facebook, PayPal, Netflix, Instagram, and a lot of other famous names, use React. And as for Angular 

Final Verdict: VueJS vs React vs Angular

There is no clear answer to this debate; It highly depends on the project and the developer. Some projects will do better with a specific tool, whereas some developers like to use a particular tool. There can be many situations that affect the development of the framework used. Hire Expert Developers from Extern Labs Inc. to build innovative Web & Software products using VueJS, React, and Angular.

Let’s analyze some situations that can be a game-changer with one right tool

Quick Comparison: VueJS vs React vs Angular


High Speed & PerformingLack of Resources
FlexibleLess Market Share
Fast Updates & ImprovementsFlexibility issues with Big Projects
Easiest To Learn


Solid & Stable CodesMixing Templating with Logic is a mess
SEO Friendly & Optimized Dev.Issues with Class Components
Easy to AdaptNo option for Project Leadership
Reusable Codes and ComponentsBit Slow
Faster Rendering


Optimized SecurityPerformance is Slow
Seamless Access ManagementHas some Different Structure
Faster DevelopmentHart to Adapt
Easy Maintenance
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When you are an experienced developer you can easily adapt to working with anyone of these. But if you are a beginner then you should consider checking what framework will be suitable for your project, and when it comes to a business then It can affect the budget of the whole project because of the project time and developer rates. 

  • Building an optimized and SEO-friendly Website, Complex Application, and having plans for Future expansion then React is the best option!
  • Complete Web Solution with less time but expertise then Angular is the right choice.
  • Build single page or lightweight web application or need fast and flexible development then VueJS is the only option for you.

All three VueJS, React and Angular are at their best and capable of completely finishing their work without any external tool but You have to analyze and pick one according to your project requirements to get the best output and ROIs. At Extern Labs Inc., We can help you build highly scalable Web & Software for your various business needs with the above-mentioned advantages to make them future-ready.

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