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Microcontrollers and microprocessors are extensively used in our daily life as they can be programmed and regulated as per the requirements and can give perfection as compared to the human efforts in the same system. Our designs and development networks can help you with simplifying your design process. Our microcontroller software team is highly trained to understand your requirements and presents you with the best solution for embedded systems.

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Extern Labs microcontroller software team will work with you for the entire duration of your project. Our experts work with the electrical team to blend the software with the hardware and generate a test code for quick testing of new boards.

Our Microcontroller Development involves four steps.

  • Exploration

    Our company offers easy exploration so that you can start your development journey with us.

  • Evaluation

    We devote ourselves to streamlining your evolution process. You can approach various evaluation means like hardware, software, and even cloud-based tools, to help you in making the evaluation process simpler.

  • Development

    You can simplify the development and fasten your time to market with the help of our trusted hardware, software, and tools.

  • Assembly

    When you finalize your design and are ready to launch it to market, we are devoted to delivering the resources you're required to make sure you market the product smoothly.

micro controller
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We facilitate the software via system testing and can also build factory test code to closely verify operations prior to the product packaging and shipping.

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