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Ionic is an HTML5 mobile application development framework that facilitates the development of cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications. Ionic delivers a native-style mobile User Interface (UI) layout that manages to give a glimpse of other UI interactions to make sure your app compels users. The mobile apps developed from the Ionic framework have advantages like fast development, platform support, and incorporation of third-party plugins. At Extern Labs, we deliver top-notch ionic solutions across the globe.

Why Choose Ionic For App Development?

Open-source and Free

One major benefit of choosing Ionic is that it is an Open-source layout and is available for free. Plus it is a very stable platform.

One App, Multiple Platforms

The Ionic framework will give you a good opportunity to work effortlessly across multiple OS with a native-like feel for application users.

Angular Base

Ionic uses Angular JS by default for providing the app structure and uses its various features to build high-performance mobile applications.

Stunning UI

Ionic framework is preeminent in terms of UI and provides a lot of options to develop an interactive UI as they are well aware that users get attracted to stunning apps.

Large and Helpful Community

Every developer needs someone to help them when any kind of problem occurs. And Ionic framework has a large, very active, and helpful community that helps in any kind of development-related issues.

Cordova Plugins

Plugins are small pieces of code that are attached to your applications to perform multiple tasks. Cordova plugin is a marvel for the Ionic platform as it gives access to several different features of the OS.

Agile Strategy

We operate on the Agile procedure ad run frequent scrum events for enhancing the process and methods to deliver the best results.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and skilled team of Ionic developers who are well acquainted with developing high-end enterprise solutions on various frameworks and technologies.

Transparency & Customer Satisfaction

With full respect, we provide every small project-related detail and appraise your honest advice whenever needed. We work on the latest technologies to offer user-friendly, safe, and innovative business solutions.

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