Benefits you get when
using our services

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    Project-based Recruitment

    We work within the limits of your requirements. Project-based hiring is one way through which we help organizations.

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    RPO Services

    Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are concise. It will enable you to focus on your fundamental activities and saves important time and money on the recruitment task.

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    Executive Search

    Our credible executive search services will help your organization get the best executives who prove themselves to be in the position of making decisions.

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    CV Formatting

    This service will help job aspirants to shine amongst the crowd and increase their profile visibility. This includes writing, formatting, and processing resumes and uploading them to your database.

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    HR Consultancy

    We, at Extern Labs, do our utmost to help our growing clients. And HR consultancy increases our scope to serve our clients no matter where they are located.

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    Expat Research

    It can be a great service for you if you are thinking of expanding your business overseas. Multi-talented expats will prove to be the best option for your global objectives.

How Do We Work?

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    Determining the position

    Our sales team will reach out to you to know your needs. Then we study the position like agreeing on must-haves and nice-to-haves to determine the position.

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    Interview with Extern Labs

    We contact the skilled personnel who we consider a perfect fit for the position. In interviews, we filter the candidates and we prefer to see the best of the best.

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    Reporting and Sending the CVs

    We make a detailed report and transfer them to you along with the resumes because through reports you can learn fastly about the candidates. Also if you want to organize an interview yourself, we give you all the information you need.

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    Making an Offer

    We give you weekly updates on the status of our candidates and we stay in contact with both sides. We help you make a fruitful offer. We also look into the evolution of the candidate even after they start working for you, or until they are in probation period.


Why Choose Us?

Extern Labs strives to assist organizations to put together a staff of productive and skilled professionals and also helps employees by opening up new job opportunities. We gloat about assisting in creating a professional environment that fulfills the mission and vision of an organization.

We focus on providing speedy services with excellent profiles. Furthermore, we make sure to recommend candidates that are much more than skilled in terms of having a bright outlook and the ability to become a member of your team.
With the help of us, find the right person for your company.

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Our experince in various industries

  • Hire experienced developers

    Food & Restaurants

    Custom App and Web Development for restaurants and other businesses in Food and on-demand services. We can develop Apps with solid backend and frontend to effortlessly manage your services and customers.

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    Education & eLearning

    Making the connection stronger between teachers and students with our Web and Software development Services in Education Sector. We helped many institutes archive Advanced eLearning Technologies.

  • Hire experienced developers

    Marriage and dating

    We made finding a perfect match more accessible with our App and Web Development. We worked with our clients in Marriage & Dating industry to help their clients find the right match.

  •  hire skilled developers

    Media and Entertainment

    The Entertainment Industry is expanding, and our experts help our clients from the entertainment industry reach new heights. We can help you serve better and broader with our innovative development work.

  • Hire experienced developers

    Banking and Finance

    Bank or a customer; Sometimes, everyone needs a little help when it comes to managing their financial accounts; We have helped many clients from banking, insurance, and finance manage their accounts and work.

  •  hire skilled developers

    Travel and Hospitality

    Make travel much more fun for travelers by bringing your travel and hospitality services online; we can help you build your business and reach new customers.

  • Hire experienced developers


    Reach out to more customers via our eCommerce solutions. Our experts helped retailers to become an eCommerce globally in significantly less time.

  • hire skilled developers

    Events & eTicket

    Online ticketing and event management is the future of the event industry. We can help manage events and audiences of any scale much more effortless with our expert development.

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