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We at Extern Labs help create and launch NFTs of outstanding performance that will benefit your specific business needs. We make use of the DNFT protocols to develop decentralized non-fungible tokens.

Our blockchain developers and domain experts cofunction to provide custom-built non-fungible token development services in order to accomplish your business goals.

Whether you want to tokenize your art, music, video files, or any other asset, we provide an aim-oriented NFT software development solution to productively cater to your needs.


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  • Hire Developers in USA Wyoming

    Full Time

    Hiring developers for a complete day that includes daily work reports and providing daily status of development.

  • Software Developers in USA Wyoming

    Part Time

    Hiring a developer for 4 hours, best for upgrades and web design with daily reports of development work status.

  • Software Development Company In USA


    Customise the number of hours your enterprise require and the services that you would like to hire for.

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The cost of the NFT Marketplace App Depends on several factors and the major one is the blockchain technology that you would like to use as its core. Typically it starts from $5,000 USD and can increase up to 7 figures.

For detailed data, according to your features and Technology stack, you can connect with our experts.

Our Blockchain development team usually works with Solidity, Solana, CosmWasm and Etherium Technology also being used as the Top choice of Developers around the world when it comes to NFT Development.

We have highly experienced Blockchain, Mobile and Web App development teams which makes us one of the best companies to choose from; for your NFT Marketplace App.

We have flexible hiring models that will allow you to hire us according to your need. You can hire our experts for any specific task or on an hourly basis to support your in-house team. And the best is you can get our dedicated team to work on your specific projects.

Feel free to connect with our experts.

We divide our NFT Marketplace Development into 7 Steps to ensure the project meets expectations and comes out successful for clients which takes us around 2 to 3 months besides additional customisations.

We also have Rapid Development Methodology that allows us to perform with a 40% increased pace.

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