Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services are designed to add extra talent to your team on-demand to boost your project. Today the majority of the companies make use of staff augmentation to reach their goal faster in a short period of time.

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    Committed Team

    Extern Labs employees are assigned to a specific client. Employees will not be assigned to any other project.

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    Top Talents

    We specialize in end-to-end delivery of tailor-made solutions designed by op 1% of talented teams.

  • Software Development Company in Wyoming USA

    24/7 Recruitment Process

    Our hiring activity is constantly active to confirm access to the best professionals in the market.

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    Maintain Faux Pas

    Extern Labs team can swiftly intermingle into your internal team's operations, participates actively in team meetings.

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    Saves Time

    Adhere to your deadlines to drive our round-the-clock recruitment process to work actively for your team.

  • Software Developers in USA Wyoming


    We attentively test for logical reasoning skills, technical ability, and soft skills in our interview process.

Our Process To Augment
Your Team
  • Analysis & Team Selection

    We discuss your needs to understand your goals and we interview the candidates to create an onboarding plan so that they can get going.

  • Commencement

    We organize a launch meeting to introduce the new employee to your team, your processes, your objectives, and to commence the initial task.

  • Rapid Alliance

    During the initial weeks, we work together to make sure an efficient integration of the new employee into your team and your development flow.

  • Performance Supervisory

    Ongoing communications and reporting throughout the commitment to make sure things are running smoothly according to your plan.

Why We Are A Good Match For You?

Extern Labs is a leading company in the IT and digital industry, we have a comprehensive recruitment process to get the best of the best talents, that ensures your organization will get only the most eligible and skilled employees on-demand.
Your extended team will work as a part of your team. We offer staff augmentation services for all kinds of projects. Our staff augmentation service is reliable and cost-effective for our clienteles to improve the productivity of your in-house team in minimal time.
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