Virtual Reality is an innovative technology that immerses its users in a whole new level of entertainment experience. And Now, VR is finding its way to various industries; From healthcare to the future of gaming, and no one wonders about what it has to offer in the near future. You might have found it somewhere as a user, but ever have you thought about investing in it?

Here we are going to talk about the 13 best Virtual Reality Stocks to invest in to get your investments future-ready with emerging technology. You can check our older posts to know more about Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, and check our next post for Best Augmented Reality Stocks. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are already an expert in investing, But Virtual Reality is a great opening to start investing in the new technology. Virtual Reality has been here and growing at a slow pace, but after the pandemic; Virtual Reality has gotten much attention from the users and audience. Now every tech company is planning to do something bigger with it. Which makes an excellent opportunity to start investing in Virtual Reality Stocks. So, here we have the top list of virtual reality stocks for 2022 but first; Let’s get a brief on Virtual Reality – 

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR can be described as a simulated visual experience similar to or different from your surrounding environment. VR is being used in various industries, including entertainment, event, business, and education. Further development in virtual Reality technologies leads to extended versions of VR like mixed Reality and more advanced extended Reality or XR. Virtual Reality can be described in two types- immerse VR and text-based VR.

Today’s standard virtual reality systems use virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to visualize the realistic image, sound, haptic feedback, and other sensations that simulate the user’s physical presence in a virtual environment. 

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Users get entirely immersed in computer-generated visual Reality with Virtual Reality. The gaming and entertainment world introduced us to virtual Reality and were trying to integrate with virtual reality technology; Where many industries now use virtual reality applications in their ways to ease their work and experience, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, event, business, military and more.

Using a VR headset makes us sense and believes that we are moving in a 3D virtual environment. They connect to a host device which is a PC, gaming console, or mobile device.

VR tools can stimulate any visual experience hence being used in experiencing a travel destination, a virtual space, driving tutorials, plans surgery, 3D educational models. Now businesses are trying to utilize VRs in their way. 

13 Best Virtual Reality Stocks to Buy in 2022

1. Meta or Facebook

list of virtual reality stocks

We all use Facebook, King in Social Networks. Facebook was a great opportunity back when they opened their shares in the market, but as seen for the last few years, their shares do not seem to be a good investment. But recently, they got so much attention by introducing their parent firm named “Meta” and their plans to build “MetaVerse,” a Virtual World. 

Facebook was already ambitious about Virtual Reality, and experts saw it when they purchased OculasVR. It’s a huge opportunity to plan an investment in virtual Reality and in Meta.

2. Sony

Sony PlayStation

The gaming industry has the most potent use of virtual reality, which makes it the most potential industry to invest in Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality has its most uses in the gaming industry and getting better with time. Sony came into the game with their Play Station and Play Station VR that allows users to interact and immerse in Virtual games via their Virtual reality headsets and tools. They already have made their hardware and Softwares future-ready and perfect for work, but there are not many big games are available to play on VR, which makes it the right time to start investing in the gaming industry. Sony launched their play station 5 in 2020, and it will unveil its next generation in 2023. Experts suggest that Next Play Station will be a game-changer with future technology with VR & AR.

So It’s time to plan an investment in Sony.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft and Xbox

The same goes for Microsoft and Xbox; the Next big name is followed by Sony. Microsoft have not introduced their hardware for virtual Reality and said anything about Virtual Reality, but they have been talking about VR & AR technology and some tools that they are developing in their respective fields. Microsoft has already proven itself in innovative technology and is ready to prove in Virtual Reality as well. With being the second leading console maker, they already have a huge user base with their enormous services, including a cloud gaming service which is available on all of their platforms named “Xbox Game Pass.” 

Some suggest Microsoft should be on the top of the list, but as a tech gick, we suggest it to be in third place for investing in the list of virtual reality stocks. Check their investment platforms before it gets late, and prices get higher.

4. Alphabet


Alphabet? Know the name? Google’s parent company that you might or not know of. Back in 2015, they changed the name of the parent company to Alphabet. Get back to the topic; Google is always found a way to serve the users something innovative and new. They are already imaginary in augmented reality technology with their project named Glass transformed to ARCore, which is behind many AR projects for mobile. There are some VR headsets manufactured by google, and also you should have known about Cardboard – Google VR that can be found integrated with Youtube. 

Google was always imaginary about their projects, and as we all know, they are already into Virtual Reality, Which makes sure that they might surprise us with their Virtual Reality Technology. And As for Gaming, They have google “Stadia,”; their recently launched cloud gaming service. It is still in beta and only available in select countries, but it will be something amazing in the gaming industry. So, Before they announce something big, start planning for investment.

5. Epic Games

Epic Games

Next Big name in the gaming industry with their Unreal Engine. Epic Games has a game store with a wide range of third-party games include with their own games. That is just one part of their work. Their Unreal Engine is a powerful graphics engine that is behind many immersive movie CGIs. Recently they upgrade their exiting Unreal Tech to Unreal Engine 5, which has many advanced features, including Meta-Human, which can mimic real human expressions.

It will be a great opportunity to invest because they are on their way to something big, They have already introduced an immersive 3D engine which is currently being used in many big movies, and they are on the edge of Virtual Reality.



Leader in Graphical Processing Unit or GPU manufacturing market and also the one behind many games engine and stunning graphic showcases. They are on the lead in Augmented Reality technology and integrating it with their hardware to immerse it in big games.

They are already the best in their respective market with the stock ending sales. If you are looking for an end-term or steady investment, then NVIDIA is the best for you.

7. Apple


One of the giants in the tech industry; With their unique devices. Apple didn’t have any product or tech on Virtual Reality though they have their tech on Augmented Reality. But there are huge rumors of their Virtual Reality tech and prototype. Virtual Reality is a huge opportunity, and like Apple, They won’t miss a chance to get into it. 

So do you; Don’t miss this and make a plan to invest in Apple’s Virtual Reality stock. Besides Virtual Reality, Apple is the most business-oriented company on the list, so investing with them will not disappoint you.

8. Qualcomm


Hardware and chipset manufacturer for smartphones and mobile technologies. Qualcomm provides hardware and solutions for various techs, including 5G. Now you might think, how does 5G have to do with Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality needs a strong and high-volume connection that can’t be connected via current 4G technology. 4G can work to help you to enjoy Virtual Reality, but for the full potential of VR, you will need a 5G connection.

Besides these, they are working on their project on Xtended Reality, Virtual Reality with 5G, and AI.

9. Amazon

How can amazon leave this opportunity of business while others are choosing for the top. As their older projects Kindle and FireTV, they always buy innovative and potential tech. The same goes for Virtual Reality; they are ready and looking for a perfect Virtual Reality technology that they can buy and serve to their customers integrated with their smart virtual assistant Alexa.

10. Intel 

We all knew about Intel, a Hardware manufacturer for personal computers, but they have much more than that. They are currently being developing their TRUE VR technology that can immerse users into any Live sports event, which will give the experience of being there. 

When they are doing one thing, then we can be sure that we are going to see more from them in the future. 

11. Unity

Unity is also a game and graphics development engine and always comes after Unreal engine. It has almost everything that unreal has, but updating is a bit slower in the case of Unity. They already have 3D tech for immersive CGIs, and now they are developing tech for Virtual Reality with their 3D. If you are looking for a small investment, then Unity can be the right option for you.

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12. MicroVision

MicroVision has been here since 1993 and develops Laser technology. They never had this much attention that they are getting now. Currently, they are working on 3D sensing technology, which can be used in cars, self-driving cars, and Virtual Reality. Basically, their tech can detect objects that are in the way and allow the user or the driver to react. They are looking very promising, and their tech is almost ready to use.

Their laser sensing tech will allow users to move while being in Virtual space freely.

13. Samsung

Korean electronics manufacturer and also a Virtual Reality headset manufacturer. Samsung doesn’t have to offer much except their advanced Virtual reality headset with a controller. But the main thing is that they have a huge userbase and have major flagship users, which opens them to h huge market. 

From the investor’s perspective, they are working on many market fields along with VR. So, It will be a good option if you are not sure about investing in VR tech.

This is the list of virtual reality stocks with the top 13 names. You can pick anyone from here and start investing without having a second thought. Some honorable mentions that couldn’t make our list but they are also in virtual reality, and you can consider investing in them as well: –

  • Snapchat
  • Vuzix
  • Lumentum
  • Immersion Corporation
  • Axon Enterprise
  • HTC

What are you waiting for, don’t waste time and wait for the hike! Plan your investment now in Virtual Reality Stocks. Hire VR Developers from Extern Labs to build immersive Virtual Environments, Games, and Apps.

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