Most front-end developers know AngularJS as a framework for interactive web applications. There are many variants of Angular, and all of them use the same languages, JavaScript and HTML; here we will talk about AngularJS; Let’s dig into it.

What is AngularJS

Google Inc. developed AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework. It’s considered a front-end framework for innovative single-page web applications and based on the popular JavaScript, which is used widely in development and JS in the name.

AngularJS is developed and has support from Google and an open community of AngularJS developers. This helps to keep continuous development, improvement, and new features.

The Zen of AngularJS

AngularJS is being used in many innovative and minimal works, and it is solely efficient for whole front-end development work. What wat makes it so good at it? Let’s check AngularJS Advantages & Features – 

Extended HTML

AngularJS includes directives that help in extending the existing HTML codes and components, allowing you to make your own HTML attributes.

We can write our own codes in HTML. AngularJS allows our custom HTML attributes via its directives and gives beginners to develop high-end content. This is the biggest feature and also the advantage of using AngularJS in development.

HTML Data Binding

Data sync; automated syncing of up and down data in real-time, we all knew it in this modern age; Same goes for Data Binding in AngularJS. 

In angularJS, data binding happens in between model and view components. Developers made it possible with two-way data binding.

Easer Adaptation

JavaScript is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, which makes AngularJS even easier. 

JavaScript developers find it similar, and they never face any difficulty, and as new users, they also adapt to working with it.

Lesser Codes

AngularJS gives advantages with:

  • Custom MVC pipelines
  • Write serrers or getters
  • Manual data-bind
  • Defined view to HTML
  • Lesser integrated Codes
  • And more on way…

More Secure

AngularJS has a step-by-step process to provide development and web application security with authentications, which is another big reason for choosing AngularJS. 

Developers can keep this security and authentication system without any hassle.

Declarative UI

To define an app’s user interface (UI), AngularJS uses HTML instead of JavaScript.

This makes the UI declarative, intuitive, and less convoluted. So, the web app developed using the AngularJS framework has a highly declarative UI which is the best for the end-users.

So, when you need a declarative and dynamic user interface, AngularJS is used.

Integrated 3rd Party Features

Yes! You have read it right; AngularJS has integrated 3rd party elements, and more you can plug in your elements in your work with ease. 

Hence, AngularJS has become the most acceptable and used web app development framework because of its easy integration with other frameworks and tools. 

Batter Unit Testing

Being a JavaScript-based framework, AngularJS has to follow a certain set of tests because JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic and not compiled. Hence, it is easy to test the web application developed using AngularJS.

Wider Community Support

AngularJS has the support of Google, Which continuously makes improvements and updates. In addition, It has a wide community using and working with AngularJS, including over 45,000 members. Users and openly askes in community channels and get support from this wide community.

Budget-Friendly Development

As we discussed earlier, AngularJS is an open-source framework that means zero cost for the front-end framework. Moreover, with AngularsJS’s advantages, libraries, integrated tools, and testing costs are also reduced to zero.

You can also get support from its wide community that will help in minor issues in development.

Features of AngularJS

AngularJS has many great features; some of them got mentioned in the previous block, but those make developers choose AngularJS over others are – 

  • Filters
  • Services
  • Scope
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Templates
  • Routing
  • Model View Whatever
  • Deep-Linking

Now we know everything about AngularJS and what makes it a better choice over the front-end framework. 

AngularJS includes everything that needs to build innovative yet interactive single-page web applications. Youtube, Paypal, Netflix, and LinkedIn also have their front-end on AngularJS.

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