Most of the web development projects are built on PHP, and if you are planning a web project then you should get PHP in your mind first. PHP is a widely popular and established programming language. In fact, PHP is behind almost 80% of the websites that use serverside programming language; why PHP, there should be a better PHP alternative.

PHP has almost everything that might come in the way of developing web products. There are some experts that suggest why prefer PHP for web development. PHP still lakes some functionalities and the reason why it might not be the perfect programming language for web development. Then what is?

No programming language can be perfect, It depends on the project and requirements. If you are facing issues something like these, Then you are at the right place. Let’s Check some of the best alternative options for Web Development that can replace PHP.

Why should you seek a PHP Alternative?

Before getting into PHP alternatives, You should check your project requirements; PHP is already a powerful language to be used in building a website. Some projects that have some different elements are might require additional help besides PHP. Some prefer PHP due to its regular use.

Aside from personal perspectives and tastes, some of the recurring reasons why companies reject PHP for web developers include the following:

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  • Forgiving language: PHP is a less focused language of programming; it allows users to avoid defining variable types when coding. This will end projects with multiple errors if not done by an expert. This leads to loops, cache usage, and string issues.
  • Slow performance: Many developers don’t recognize the execution speed of PHP; they say PHP has a decent speed. But in reality, PHP is slow in executions. The reason for this slow speed occurs because PHP is interpreted language, not compiled.
  • Lack of a clear philosophy: PHP is an easier language, slow but stable. But many experts say that it lacks a clear approach to coding. This nature of PHP can also help developers code in their own style. But to others, this is the biggest problem with PHP and they seek PHP alternatives.

Experts and experienced developers can easily manage these problems even on a big scale. PHP work is mostly done by professionals who have worked with many projects and also they have experts in the team. New developers are switching projects to other alternatives and do not prefer PHP. Here we will be covering for these developers who are looking for PHP alternatives. 

Best PHP Alternatives for 2022


php alternatives java

JavaScript is another name widely used in development. Like PHP, JavaScript also has huge popularity but unlike PHP JavaScript is new and advanced. JavaScript has many tools for development but Node.JS is the most being used for web development. Experts suggest it for web development with its run-time environment for server-side development. This synchronizes the codes with the server to help in boosting up server performance, speed, and more efficiency with even more requests.

JavaScript has a huge community with fast and advanced development to do Node.JS. Java is a highly portable, powerful, and cross-platform language with parallel task executions and concurrency. It allows better modularization of web applications with any time easier updates. The most amazing part is that Java has many tools and frameworks to help you in the development. 


php alternatives python

Python is one of the simplest programming languages. And its Django framework has the capabilities to build many powerful products with ease. Django provides security and big scale accessibility and on the other hand, we have Flask with minimal and flexible nature for easier development. The community of python developers is quite huge like PHP and JS. 

Python is widely used in cases where a large amount of data needed to be processed and managed. When it comes to writing automation scripts and analytic systems, implementing machine learning capabilities, and more, Python is involved. 

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PHP can be used in only Server-side scripts and Web Development while Python can handle Server-side development, Web, and Machine learning. When it comes to speed, PHP’s latest build is much faster the Python, and both stand similar in debugging. Python is much better with learning and library maintenance.

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Another PHP alternative on this list, C# is a well designed and logical programming language-related nearly to the Microsoft .NET framework which opens it to many available libraries to build and write windows products. It follows Microsoft’s industry standards of development and covers whole elements of programming used. C# can also be used for programming on Linux and OS X. C# has everything to be assembled and use for programming various web applications; It does not require any external library, application, or embedded code.

C# is widely used in windows apps, tools, and cross-platform mobile development; But it can sufficiently replaces PHP in web development.


php alternatives

Ruby is another powerful and dynamic programming language primarily simple, powerful, and user friendly. Its MVC framework ruby on rails made it even more powerful with rapid prototyping. Ruby is commonly being use in web applications, eCom applications, custom database solutions, and faster prototyping.  

Web development is faster with Ruby than PHP with faster writing of codes in ruby. Ruby has many plug-ins and gems that make development fast and easier with databases. Ruby on Rails is the best option for e-commerce app development with its scalable, versatile, and upgradeable development.


php alternatives

Golang or you can call Go is another parallel programming language developed by Google and the newest entry in our list. The motivation behind Go development was the need for a scalable solution. Most developers find it easier than even python. It works with lesser scrupulous documentation than other programming languages which makes it more understandable and adaptable. It has an advanced feature for memory management called garbage collection. 

Golang is efficient for building a large application with simpler syntaxes and advanced parallelism and concurrency features.

When it comes to performance Golang is the clear winner but PHP has wide community support. Golang is much faster; even testing, memory management, CPU usage, and Power Usage are much better with Goland than PHP.

These are the best five frameworks that have the capabilities to replace PHP as a PHP Alternative. PHP is sufficient by itself and has the capabilities to build complex web applications but there are other options available that can do the same task in less time with less effort, So why should you use PHP. In our list of five PHP Alternatives, you can use any of these options according to your specific project development for faster development than PHP. At Extern Labs, we provide innovative Web & Software Development Services to clients from various industries. Hire our expert developers for PHP and other alternatives.

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