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Author page: Aniruddh Agarwal

digital menu

How Digital Menu can Add Good Value to Your Restaurant Business

In today's dynamic culinary landscape, restaurants are not just about serving delectable dishes; they're about delivering exceptional experiences. The advent of technology has revolutionized the way restaurants operate and engage with their patrons. Among the array of innovations, digital menu stand out as a game-changer, redefining the dining experience. Extern Labs, a pioneering Software and…

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SQL vs. NoSQL: Which Database to Choose?

There are two primary databases that are generally used for storing digital data: SQL and NoSQL. From engineers and IT decision-makers to analysts, everyone is familiar with relational and non-relational databases. Both methods are used to store data effectively, but they vary in their structures, relationships, scalability, language, and support.  However, the large variety and…

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R vs Python: Which Programming Language is Better For Data Science in 2023

Data science is a skyrocketing field in the tech industry. In a competitive field like data science, it becomes important to consider and review the best language for use, this is the more important part in relation to the developments in the tech field.   Currently, “R” and “Python” are the two most extensively favored languages…

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mental health app

How To Develop a Mental Health App For Stress Release

Before starting anything, answer this- What’s your number one priority in life- career, wealth, or mental health?  The majority of you will answer career and wealth and that’s pretty much obvious (No explanation needed). However, for those who put mental health first ( huge respect for you), it's difficult to do that.   Whatever your answer…

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How To Develop A Vacation Rental App Like Airbnb? An Extensive Guide for 2023

What’s your definition of a vacation? A change, a new and amazing place to explore, a new place to stay, or amazing hospitality, right? Or something related to this. This is what a trip or a vacation means.  However, with advancement and a growing economy, the gig economy is becoming more approachable. People are renting…

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