Clearly, the travel and tourism market is undeniably a vast business sector, proliferated with gazillions of travel agencies, tourism businesses, hotels, and so on. And with the growth of online flight ticket booking app platforms, all the travel commotions have taken the edge off to an extent.

Individuals can now smoothly plan their trips through these online apps and can go on tours around.

And if you notice, the desires of frequent travelers have been transformed entirely in the past few years. As a result, there is an obligatory advancement of standard flight ticket booking into a virtual process. Also, this evolution has brought the trend of sturdy mobile applications found on digital platforms that make everything associated with flight ticket booking more attainable than ever before.

By understanding consumers’ demands, the travel industry is now focusing on controlling mobile applications. For this reason, various applications for flight ticket booking are being launched making it very handy for travelers to travel around the world with ease and pleasure.

Moreover, this also has resulted in increased demand for a systematic flight ticket booking application in order to retain customers. An app providing an online flight booking application will give your business an outsmarting edge and will be an important factor in assuring customer satisfaction.

According to a survey with the launch of the online flight ticket booking app, the flight ticket booking has inflated by 80%.

However, it’s certain that whether you’re new to this business or you want to advance your travel company, you need an app that will allow your customers to smoothly avail your services.

So, to learn how to build a flight ticket booking mobile app let’s move ahead and see our step-to-step guide on the same.

About Flight Booking Apps

With a flight ticket booking app, you can travel the world the way you want. Starting with ticket booking and boarding, to smoothly manage your tour, you will get a flexible experience with a flight booking application.

There will be some standard and advanced features such as one-tap check-in, ticket booking details, special offers, and many more. Everything will be at your fingertips. The applications for your smartphones will book tickets for your tour through an online flight ticket booking app.

Benefits Of Flight Ticket Booking Apps

The reasons behind the popularity of such kinds of applications are-

  • Both domestic and international flight ticket booking has become more convenient with the advent of flight booking apps.
  •  Society is loving these concessional holiday offers and tour packages given by these apps.
  • The apps offer ease of exploring ticket availability, ticket booking details, cancellation options, and much more.
  • There are also options for saving card information for faster transactions compared to the traditional booking process.
  • Since these applications are designed for smartphones and tablets, they comprise a customer-friendly interface that makes the whole process very easy and fast to search and book flight tickets.
  • There are check-in features in these ticket booking apps that save your precious time to complete the whole process of ticket booking and reviewing.
  • All online flight booking phone apps offer an all-day ticket booking service and 24/7 customer care support to make the ticket booking process smoother. And also to solve any kind of difficulties or problems that may occur during the booking process.

What Does The Present Travel & Tourism And Market Trend Say?

The current travel & tourism industry is experiencing various confrontations with the developing technology attributes.

And to stay in the competition, the majority of flight booking app startups are coming up with the smartest ticket booking apps that are designed to offer customers a unique and fun travel experience.

According to recent data, an increasing number of people are using mobile apps to plan and book their trip tickets.

For planning any upcoming vacations, more than 30% of people open their flight booking mobile apps for confirming their and at least 80% of bookings are made through travel apps.

As per data, society is downloading more flight booking apps now as compared to what they did five years back. And by 2021, the total number of app downloads has increased to 196 billion from the Google Play Store.

The travel & tour companies are utilizing this opportunity to make huge amounts of money out of it. So, if you run an offline ticket booking business. Then it’s time to think about developing a booking mobile app of your own.

Now, you must be thinking about how to develop one? And from where to get it built? 

These questions might lose one’s mind. But, this is why we decided to write a blog on this topic. In this article, we will mention all the steps to build a flight booking mobile app.

What Are The Apps And Websites For Flight Ticket Booking?

flight booking apps

After all the above discussions, you must be thinking about what app for flight ticket booking?

Am I right!

Besides travelers are enjoying the speed with additional facilities given by these applications.

The popular mobile flight booking applications are- SkyScanner, IndiGo,, Kayak, ixigo, SkipLagged, Hopper, MakeMyTrip, and Momondo.

Business Model Of A Flight Booking Mobile App

In particular, there are two categories of business models in a mobile flight booking app. These two categories are-

Dedicated Model

The dedicated model is admired among all the top airline companies. The airlines link directly with their customers through a mobile application platform and permit flight ticket booking straightforwardly on their smartphones. The majority of airline companies now flaunt their flight ticket booking apps.

Aggregator Model

In the aggregator model, there is an entire list of airline companies that offer numerous specialties, categories, and various prices that are listed. And after choosing a specific flight, the customer will be redirected to their respective digital platforms from where the payment is done. These types of application models are commonly available and used in the industry.

Technology Requisite For Flight Booking Mobile App Development


  • HTML5
  • Android and iOS
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Flutter


  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • NewCore
  • Postgres

Important Features Of A Flight Booking Mobile App

Easy Signing-Up

The very first step in any application is to sign-up. Customers should log in to the app perfectly for this a flawless application development should be there. This step should be very easy without any complexities.

Flight Timelines

These characteristics will provide your customers with the accurate schedules of the flights that are available for their destination place on their selected date and time. This is an important feature as any single timeline can let you lose your important business or time.

Live-Flight Status

After successfully booking a flight, through the live flight status you can check your booked flight status like if it is confirmed or not. Along with it, the live-flight tracking trait should be compulsory as with the live status the customer will be aware of their flight timings, any changes in arrival, or if there’s any delay.

Trustworthy Payment Gateways

While booking the flight tickets the app will directly give you payment options. Hence the payment gateways associated with the apps should be highly secure so that the payment details remain protected. You can find payment options like GooglePay, PayPal, etc. that are accepted everywhere.

Multi-Lingual Support

The language of the application is very important. As a result, the log-in language setup is the primary necessity. It should not be complex. It should be made possible that any end-user can set their preferred language conveniently and change them as they want.

Steps To Build A Flight Booking Mobile App

how to build flight booking app

Step 1: Discovery

Understanding User’s Demands

It is crucial to understand what exactly your targeted audience needs. This will help in designing the right mobile app. In the same way, customers like a flight booking app that delivers the following features:

  • Perfect UI/UX
  • Should allow end-users to manage plans and activities by offering accurate information under one screen.
  • Entitle customers to flap local information and to book flights.
  • Should give access to local cuisines and permission to book dining in advance.

After understanding the expectations of end-users now, plan the solution based on the same.

The first step will be to decide on which platform you will launch your app. As it happens, you can select either a native app development that arranges everything for your audience on one platform or a cross-platform app development that will target customers across multiple gadgets with a collective codebase.

Finalize The Features And Team

Moving forward, you have to decide on the features or traits that will help you bring the final results. Evidently based on your final decision you can select your application development team that should have the following resources:

  • Project manager
  • Native or cross-platform application development
  • Ui/UX developer
  • QA Analyst

Time And Cost Evaluation

The last step will be the most vital step. It is a total time and cost evaluation. The required time for the app development and the total cost for the same will depend on several factors like:

  • Application design
  • Functionality and  complexity of the applications
  • Team and their skills
  • Type of platform
  • App built time

Step 2: Design

The design of the online flight booking mobile app will lead to end-product development. You should be certain to design the flight booking app starting from customer searches for the flights to the end payments and request transfer.

Step 3: Development

A flight booking mobile application is created in many stages. These involve designing for consumer applications and for admin panels. 

Let’s have a look in detail here:

Customer App Development

Besides a customer app will be with UI or UX that attracts people generally includes the crafting of the below-given features:

  • Quick sign-up/Log-in
  • Flight timelines
  • Bookings of flights
  • Flight live status
  • Booking status
  • Airport Check-ins
  • Customer reviews
  • Payment options

Admin Panel Development

The admin panel section will be the section where the app admins will control the back-end of the app and get an idea of the whole system.

The available features in the admin panel are as follows:

  • Manage flight bookings
  • Manage rewards and offers
  • Customer care
  • Information management about flights
  • Able to view customer searches
  • Check customer reviews
  • Share discounts and offers
  • Receive payments

Additional Features

Apart from this, there are some additional features as well that you can consider including in your online flight booking mobile app:

  • Flight cabin map
  • Multi-day comparisons
  • Multiple booking discounts
  • Price drop alerts
  • API integration
  • Advance technology implementation

Step 4: Quality Check And Stationing

After full app development, the fourth and final step is quality assurance and testing. In particular, the quality assurance (QA) engineers will check the application to solve any glitch that might have occurred during the development stage. They create test scenarios and do thorough checking.

Moreover, The result of the test will govern if there are any areas that need further improvements.

Once the QA and testing time gives it a green signal, the application is stationed for the users.

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