Whenever we chat about gaming engines, there are always two major competitors: Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. And it is always the war of Unity vs. Unreal Engine 5.

Just so you know, some of the world’s most famous and admired games, like Fortnite (Unreal Engine) and Pokémon Go (Unity3D), are driven by these two gaming engines.

As a gamer, you must be drawn into creating your own projects. And so you must be aware that by using rudimentary programs, your end result cannot be fulfilled. Because the tools in rudimentary programs will not be as good as those in derivative ones.

Technology is developing every minute to an amazing standard and is placing the plain flash animations and primitive designs to lose a face.

These engines have developed many popular games that will give you a realistic experience.

In the year 2015, Unity and Unreal engines were the most trendy names in the entire game development industry. A few years have passed, they are like an eternity in this fast-changing world of technology and software. Besides there is still spurring discussion among Unity vs Unreal Engine 5 everywhere they are mentioned.

This fierce discussion made us write an entire blog about these two engines.

If you are a developer, then let me ask you this question: which one do you choose as your gaming engine?

Well, the answer can’t be given this easily. Right!

If you are into gaming, then you might be aware that Unity holds 48% market share and Unreal has 13% of the market share. However, this doesn’t say much. As both have their unique features and it all depends on factors and features.

Hopefully, we can clear this air and will state some facts about both the engines so that you can decide who is the winner in the fight between Unity vs Unreal Engine 5.


The above-mentioned engine was created by Unity Technologies and was first introduced in the year 2005. Initially, it was advertised as being absolute to OS X tiles. It was publicized at an Apple conference. However, now it supports cross-platform.

Some of the world-famous games that make use of the unity engine are the Temple Run, Rust, Pillars of Eternity, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


The Unreal Engine was first introduced in the year 1998. Moreover, it is designed by Tim Sweeney and Epic Games group. Also, it avails oneself of all sorts of games across these twenty years. Games like Original Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, and the Unreal Tournament Series all have been powered by this engine.

What is The Present State of Unity vs Unreal in 2022?

unity and unreal, unity vs unreal

If you are new to this conversation or to the gaming world, then you must know that Unity and Unreal are the most admired gaming engines adapted for software development in present times.

Although both began their journey as tools for game development, they have been progressive and have now become much greater and bigger platforms. Let’s see the changes from its present state.

Changes over the years…….

        Unity         Unreal Engine
2005- the launch of the first open-use version of the game engine.1998- the first version of the Unreal engine with the debuts of the “Unreal” game.
2007- launch of version 2.02002- launch of version 2.0
2007- launch of version 3.02006- Unreal Engine 3 is released and applied to the first AAA titles.
2015- launch of Unity 5. Considered a major breakthrough.2014- release of Unreal Engine 4 with great improvements in graphics.
2017- seamless association with major 3D design tools.2016- support for VR applications is included.
2018- the first in-engine machine learning toolkits are established.2019- introduced support for real-time ray tracing.
2019- an innovative data-oriented technology stack, DOTS is added.2020- Unreal Engine 5 is announced with the plan to release in late 2021.

Unity vs Unreal 2022……

            Unity          Unreal
Among the top 1000 titles, 71% of the mobile games are designed with a Unity account.More than 2 million games are made by the Unreal Engine.
The total user base is over 2.7 billion people.The developer community is of more than 7 million people.
Marketplace accounts for 65K assets.Marketplace accounts for over 16K assets.
Market share is 43%.Market share is 13%.

Unity vs Unreal Engine 5: Comparison Factors

Gaming Community

Both the engines are like strong pillars in the world of game development. Also, both the engines have very active communities of members. The way through which an ordinary person can privilege both the engines entitles a sturdy community of end-users and developers to engross and chat about games and the engines by themselves.

Unreal holds a very active community, and it is very obvious. If you are one of the foremost game engines, then you will have thousands of fans, followers, and forum users.

Furthermore, unity comprises huge resources in the form of a community that can share their views on particular ideas regarding game creation and can offer constructive criticism. Luckily, for both of them, the communities are quite colossal. So, it’s hard to say which one is bigger than the other.

But, the good thing is that the users (Developers and customers) can truly feel at ease with the fellow design types and will regularly have a constantly updated forum to view at the time of development.


One of the main points is the pricing of these engines. What is your financial status? Will you be able to spend freely, or are you cautious about spending your funds? 

Each gaming engine has a price, and that alone can waver your decision.

Evidently, if you are an experienced gaming developer, pricing is not an issue when choosing a gaming engine. But, the situation can be different if you’re a first-time developer.

Notably, Unity is free, and you will be surprised with the quality it offers for free. However, you have to spend money on the Unity Pro version. It can cost $75 per month for their monthly subscription plan.

If you are conservative with funds and your project is small, then you can really get away with the free version, which is of great quality on its own.

Likewise, in the Unreal Engine, you will not believe,price-wise, it’s free. And the most fun part is that the schools get it for free, for encouraging computer software developers. This will help open up the students in the world of game designing which will be a great thing for the upcoming future of the industry.

Think of it, professors can teach the whole class using Unreal Engine. Wouldn’t that be great! However, you will owe royalties to the Unreal Engine for your published games.

So, this time in my opinion Unreal Engine is on the top. Because Unreal is free everywhere, and it is surprisingly tempting.

The royalties in Unreal are although not much, it is a very little price to pay for the power and features you get from the program.


To start with, Unreal uses Blueprint. This really is something to notice. Because the users shouldn’t have to have knowledge of codes or should know how to write them.

I will confess, I don’t know how to even start writing code. So, this really got me into the Unreal Engine. Seriously, you can really develop games through the tools in the blueprint.

So, the accessibility of this factor pushes the Unreal Engine on top of the scripting.

Unity sports C# for scripting. As you know, it is a little bit elaborate for the development process. Moreover, by looking at the tutorial page, things will not be that difficult, especially when it’s not your first experience in game development. Thus, if you are familiar with terms like “code”, “HTML”, and other components of technology, then you will not face any problems.

The program in Unity will inform you if your code is incorrect or if it’s causing any problems.

Asset Store

The asset store is also an important factor among the two gaming engines. One of the things that I like the most about gaming today is the ability to conveniently download the assets for a game.

Asset stores are much more like, empowering users to download props, textures, and much more from the stores.

And in the case of Unity vs Unreal Engine 5, the Unity asset store surely wins because the number of assets you can download to use in your gaming project is matchless.

Graphics Quality

For many of the experts, Unreal Engine 5’s quality is their most favored choice in terms of graphics. In addition, if you play the Unreal Engine game, you will have a feeling that you are actually part of the game and you will get lost in the beautifully done shadows.

However, Unity is also not something to ignore. You know what I am talking about if you have played Rust.

So, for me, both the gaming engines equally shine in this category. But I also believe that Unreal has great graphical quality compared to Unity.

Unity vs Unreal Engine 5: What To Choose?

Still, not able to make any decision between Unity and Unreal. 

No worries, we understand it’s not that easy at all.

Therefore, you should examine your gaming project from both a business and technical point of view. Through this, you will be able to easily find a  common piece that will speed up your decision-making process. 

For reference, read the below-given engines’ powers and weaknesses:


  • Best for creating simple mobile apps, along with prototypes and mobile AR or VR applications.
  • Largest available cross-platform.
  • Speedy coding with C#.
  • Powerful asset store.
  • Graphic polishing needs more time and work.
  • Rendering can get slow without optimization.


  • Moving towards fulfilling the highest quality of graphics.
  • Permits users to customize their shadows without any coding.
  • Fastest post-processing feature.
  • Everyone can have access to the source code.
  • There can be licensing model demerit for big commercial projects.
  • Too clumsy for small-scale projects.

To Sum Up,

It is a great time to be in the industry of game development. The availability of powerful game engines that too at an economical price allows game developers and big enterprises to craft an immersive experience that will keep the game player coming back for more.

But, let’s move back to our original question- Unity vs Unreal: What to choose?

In the end, it will all depend on your requirements. Like if you are a beginner and looking to learn to code and create games then go with Unity.

Furthermore, if you are not that much into coding and only think of graphical performance then opt for Unreal Engine.

Hopefully, this head-to-head comparison between Unity vs Unreal Engine 5 will help you in choosing the right engine for your next big project.

Although, I will say that whatever choice you make amongst both the platforms, you will be in good hands.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, and knowing how to use gaming is not the only trail forward.

With the help of a trusted development partner, you can quickly submerge into the development process and can let the experts handle the technical matter for you.

Even if you have a team of developers, you can support them with external specialists that will provide quality work. Extern Labs is among the tech and software companies that provide such services.

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