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Extern labs case studies

Challenges for Our Developers

The Client gave us the responsibility to design, build, test, and support their entire front-end. They already had their website and front-end which had many bugs and performance issues making it harder to use their platform.

  • Redesign the whole website and application with the latest designs while keeping it minimal and optimized for best performance.
  • Requires front-end expert support for building new designs which can support advanced APIs and backend.
  • Perform a total reboot for their whole system and restart it with something more promising and prominent.
Extern labs case studies

How we Work!

Our Innovative Solution to Client’s Project


    Stoxdoc was a different type of project that ever came into our hands, that is why we put the best of our team on the project; So we can provide the client a promising result way better than their previous version.
    We started by extensively analyzing their old web application and looking for development mistakes and bugs, So we can avoid those in our development work. Then we understand the client’s requirement and business model, to know what we have to do to make a perfect web application for them. This ideology helps see the more precise image of the project that should be served to the end-users. After successfully visualizing the project, we started the project development with our advanced agile methodology.

    Our Project Requirement Analysis gave our developers a better picture to work on, and projects were divided into several parts or responsibilities and handed over to respective experts and teams.
    Stox Doc’s previous designs and applications needed a new and improved design so we put two designers dedicated working on the project. We presented three draft designs for the app to the client for their thoughts on a design perspective. With the selected design and layout we handed this to the front-end development team leader who has successfully managed our previous clients.

    The front-end team worked closely with the client so they can measure and watch the development process while avoiding the previous mistakes.

    When it comes to the performance of the application, we haven’t compromised a single thing. We used the latest and most potent technologies including React.JS, Flask, Elasticsearch, and many more so we can avoid as many errors as possible even in the development. Our developers work with agile methodology and keep the work close to the clients which helps us make our work promising in the industry. We test every single change for performance, responsiveness, and optimizations to make sure client and users won’t face any kind of bug in the future.

    After many corrections and testing, we soft launches the first open build for some users for wider testing and after sufficient time and approval from the client, we deployed the project to its fullest.


Stoxdoc was a challenge for the entire team yet we have used the latest tools and our innovation to build a Web Application for a financial industry client.

  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies

    Amazon S3


Stoxdoc was a different kind of task for most of the Extern Labs’ team and each member did a splendid job to make the project more than the client’s expectations. We have successfully rebooted their whole web application with new design, technologies, and advanced features while maintaining performance and avoiding errors.

Extern Labs’ team successfully fulfilled clients’ requirements and built more than they dreamt of. They appreciated our work and every member working on their project and gave us warm-hearted compliments. Working on Stox doc was one of the difficult tasks, and we cracked it with success. Developers at Extern Labs are highly skilled and experienced and are ready to work on any scaled projects. This time we build a Web Application based on the latest technology and tools, which works flawlessly on any platform and screen size.

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