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    video-first property listing portal

Extern labs case studies

Challenges for Our Developers

The client asked for a complete mobile app and website solution—from building the app to testing and supporting the app's entire front end. However, the Figma was provided to us by the client.

Every project comes with some challenges and exceptions that we have to overcome to deliver a successful product.

  • One major challenge that our team faced was to develop an in-built live-streaming feature that telecast the videos on other social media apps at the same time.
  • The app needed Agora integration- it’s a real-time voice and video engagement platform to develop meaningful human communication.
  • We also had a responsibility to inspire users through various sets of tools and to offer all important information related to buying and selling properties.
Extern labs case studies

How we Work!

Our Innovative Solution to Client’s Project


    We developed a cross-platform mobile application that is compatible across all devices and platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets.

    The SpaceUP mobile app was launched across all platforms within a short span of 6 weeks.


    It was a bit challenging for us, but still, our team succeeded in Agora integration, and we made the app live on the App Store.

    To complete the project on time and with accuracy, we first made sure to clearly understand the client’s requirements and to ensure that the property owner uploads quality images, we built an automation system that verifies the properties as per the format.


    In addition to this, we developed the regular app features as well, like individual profiles for different users (owners, buyers, brokers, and more). The other features we added to the app are real-time video property views, category management, property listing comparison, a dashboard, vendor details, property videos, user management, and much more.


    Today, we have successfully launched the app, attracting new users every single day and helping buyers and sellers find their dream properties.


To build a cross-platform SpaceUP app, we used the latest tools, ideas, and innovations to build a web application for the real estate client.

  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies

    React Native

  • Extern labs case studies

    Express JS

  • Extern labs case studies

    Node JS

  • Extern labs case studies

    mongo DB

  • Extern labs case studies



SpaceUP was an entirely new task for most of the Extern Labs team; however, every single member of the team did an outstanding job in delivering the project on time. We successfully launched the app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Our React Native team delivered a fully working app compatible across all platforms and devices, thus, fulfilling the client's requirements and delivering more than the client expected. The Extern Labs developers are highly skilled and experienced to work on projects of varied difficulty levels.

SpaceUP is one example where we build an application through the latest tools and technologies to build an app that works flawlessly on any screen size.

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