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About Nosh-e-Jaan

Nosh-e-Jaan is an Urdu word that means “a food that pleases your mind.” The unique selling point of this restaurant is that its kitchen runs by the Royal Khansama of Awadh, reinventing more than decade-old authentic recipes using the old cooking method like DUM n DHUNGAR, without the use of soda or artificial colors.

However, in this digital world when everyone is bound with time ordering their favorite food online from the best restaurants is what people prefer the most. This is why the client needed to build a website where the user can visit to get information about the restaurant, and its cuisine and can easily order food online from the website itself.

Extern labs case studies

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    When Nosh-e-Jaan came to us looking to build a website, we knew it needed improvement in other facets as well. The goal was to design and prototype a website where the users can learn about the restaurant, make reservations, and order food online.


    The team did user research, and build the website on WordPress accordingly. One challenging part of building the website is insure the correct payment flow with zero glitches. The Extern Labs team delivered the website in 2 weeks.


    The primary problem that the website solved is to decrease the customer's wait time between ordering the meal and making reservations. This is done to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue.


    In order to build a better website, we carried out demographic research that helped us to gather useful insights based on users' needs and opinions.


Nosh-e-Jaan is a North Indian cuisine restaurant serving 100-year-old authentic Awadhi dishes. To build a fully functional, smooth-running website, we used the following technologies-

  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies



Designing a website for Nosh-e-Jaan turned out to be the most fun project that the team ever had. The client was very supportive and communicated with us weekly, making us understand the changes and improvements that were needed on the website and making it possible for us to deliver the website in 2 weeks.

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