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Extern labs case studies

The Challenges

In the logistics niche, it’s important that a user can track their package. The users want a platform where they can send and receive packages and communicate with the delivery personnel handling their packages for safe and quick delivery. After all, user satisfaction is one of the major focuses of any business. Some of the challenges that we faced in developing a logistics management system for the client are:

  • Complex code and the system architecture
  • The entire project was vivid and detail-oriented, we had to build one platform to serve all the B2B customers, B2C customers, and the admin.
  • Planning and integrating payment flow.
  • It was a time-consuming operation where the team had difficulty in achieving agile update cycles, testing, and maintenance.
Extern labs case studies

How we Work!

Our Skilled Solutions to Project Challenges


    Considering the project's complexity and challenges, the programming team at Extern Labs weighed various options. We decided to go with the micro-frontend architecture, and we designed the product as per the idea. We broke multiple features into small micro-apps particular to the business.


    We took end-to-end responsibility for the product- from the designing, development, testing, and deployment. After thorough research, we created a user flow and a design wireframe to find a way to give the user the best experience and meet client expectations.

    We made sure to optimize the UI of the platform for better performance. Once the UI and the entire design flow were created, we designed custom sections for other features.

    The team incorporated a real-time “track and trace” feature, providing users the ability to handle tracking information. With this, we made sure to provide 24/7 availability of the shipment status.


    We successfully built an app that connects individuals who want to either send or receive packages without being physically present at the store. We built three panels on the platform the admin panel, the B2B panel, and the B2C panel. We built the logistic management system so vendors and buyers can stand out as the main users.


NitroXpress was one of the more challenging projects for the team and needed extensive research. To ensure the success of the project and to deliver the best possible service to the client, we used advanced technologies and tools.

  • Extern labs case studies

    React Native

  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies


  • Extern labs case studies



The project’s biggest challenge was that it was complex, and the scope of the product was broad. The team did thorough research to gather information from the users' perspective, both B2B and B2C. The issues and pain points were raised, like what permission should be given to whom, why the orders needed to be tracked, what details the user can track, and more.

These concerns were taken into consideration, and the team strongly built the logistic management system for the client with alluring interfaces.Once again, the Extern Labs team did a splendid job and completed the project within 3 months. The client was happy and appreciated our work, as we delivered more than what they dreamed of.

The NitroXpress case study is proof of the success of Extern Labs' methodology, ethics, and expertise.

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