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Challenges for Our Developers

The Client gave us the responsibility to design, build, test, and support their cloud scout web application. Our team has to start from scratch and provide the client deployable application with well-optimized performance.

Design an extensive web application for their cloud scout which can help their clients in managing and monitoring cloud assets.

As we are designing the application for iOS, Thus we have to make it possible to be used on iPhones. Our iOS and front-end team must make our design potential with a highly responsive user interface and experience.

Requires front-end expert support for building new designs which can support advanced APIs and backend.

The project was based on advanced cloud technologies, to make it possible we have to work with the latest and most advanced technologies.

The project requires to design and utilize many complex integrations and features which can help it to be one of the best in the competition.


How we Works!!

Our Innovative Solution to Client’s Project


    Moirae needed a unique design with many pages and meters that can present data analytics in understandable and data-rich layouts. We put five of our best designers on the work and they came up with three draft designs in just five days. The work was tough but the focus of our team never disappoint the client.


    The client wanted us to work on full potential so we can develop a public beta build as soon as possible. Our leader assigned the most experienced front-end and back-end developers on the job to keep up the pace. We worked on both the front-end and the back-end at the same time while maintaining our advanced agile methodology of project management.


    Our developers keep their connection with the client so they can know every single step of the development. We believe in keeping maximum transparency with the client which helps us in building the dream projects of our clients.


    Extern Labs’ experts worked with the latest technologies and tools; which helped us in building deployable cloud commander in a very short time.


Moirae was one of the most complicated and needed extensive testings; to ensure the success of the project we used advanced technology tools.

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Moirae was one of the biggest and most complex challenges of the whole team, we have to design an extensive web application and build it with the latest technologies and integrations. The client wanted us to make a web application for their cloud commander business which requires many features and technology integrations. We ultimately build a perfect Web Application for the project as the client’s vision and best performance which able to keep us with the client’s requirements.

Developers at Extern Labs are highly skilled and experienced and are ready to work on any scaled projects. This time we build a Web Application based on the latest technology and tools, which works flawlessly on any platform and screen size.

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