OTT is in talks right now! It is slang for everyone who is obsessed with video streaming and TV platforms. These days, watching a show or a movie with family or relatives has become very rare, mainly because everyone has their own preferences.

This is why people are loving this alternative to watching movies or shows on their smartphones or laptops. The OTT platforms can be anything; they can be either MX Player, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other.

But, do you know what OTT means? And what is OTT streaming? What makes OTT distinct from other media?

In this blog, we will give answers to all these questions. So, let’s cut the talk and start by first describing the OTT service and its role in the modern world.

What Is OTT Streaming?

OTT is an “Over-The-Top” media service that provides content online and has streaming media as its standalone product. The terminology is related to video-on-demand platforms, yet also applies to audio streaming, messaging services, and internet-based calling solutions.

In easy language, OTT specifies videos that are streamed through the internet network. Conventional television designs like cable and satellite do not fit into this category. Because they need different equipment and infrastructure.

Nonetheless, with OTT, the only thing you need is a good internet connection.

OTT services are issued through paid subscriptions. Still, there are various exceptions, as few OTT platforms might ask for in-app purchases or advertising.

As per stats, at present, OTT streaming is a business size of about Rs 500 Cr. Online video streaming services have the potential to generate Rs 4000 Cr in sales by the year 2025. At this time, India has over 350 million OTT platform subscribers.

Why Accept OTT?


The big reason for the increasing demand for OTT globally is that it’s user-friendly. And why not? All you need is good internet and a supported device. Indians have surpassed five million Netflix subscribers.

This increase in OTT entertainment is challenging the status quo of classic television in India. From Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana to Squid Game (K-Drama), Indian viewers have seen a drastic shift in terms of both quantity and quality.

In addition to this, digitalization has elevated in recent years, and not to mention the pandemic, has led to a huge elevation in the viewership of OTT outlets globally as well as in India. It is quite clear that consumers have inclined towards OTT content.

Some of the reasons why OTT streaming is more appealing than other options are listed below-

High-value content at less price

Online streaming services are primarily seen as a cost-effective substitute to traditional channel packages. The basic plans of Netflix and Amazon Prime are very reasonable if you only want to watch the limited content offered by them.

Original Content

The OTT service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others have started producing original content that can be available through their platforms. Streaming platforms like Disney+ also have streaming licenses for their previously streamed content.

Compatibility with devices

For many years, watching television required a television set with all the cables, a set-top box, and a dish antenna.

Although today, one can watch OTT content from multiple devices. A service subscriber can relish the same content on a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

OTT Live Streaming

OTT Live streaming is the way of broadcasting live video content from an OTT application. This creates a more immersive experience for viewers. It is a distinctive experience as compared to streaming through a browser on a particular device. 

Because it is more efficient and convenient- which is what a modern streaming audience wants. However, if one has to choose between using an app or using a browser to access a stream, a large population will choose the app.

Why? Let’s have a look.

Individuals can download live streaming apps from their gadget’s app store. It will then appear directly on your home screen with a rounded icon. Now all they have to do is click on the app whenever they want to tune into their favorite live streams.

And if you are in a video business, the OTT live streaming app will allow you to connect with a larger audience and will help you to grow in business.

I am saying this because today’s audience uses various app-ready devices and they love to watch content on the go. According to a study, 65% of online video views come from mobile and TV apps.

It implies that if there are individuals who are on the verge of choosing the premium service, they can be manipulated into becoming paid subscribers when they recognize you have an app. The demand for such kinds of apps is high, but the supply is still low.

This also suggests that it is the best time to launch your app in order to transform your business.

Okay, So there have been a lot of opinions so far. Let’s now look at how to stream on OTT platforms?

How OTT Content Gets Delivered?

More often than not, conversations regarding OTT revolve around VOD (Video-On-Demand). Although this technology embodies a broad range of network-based content-

  • Video- Video streaming is the frequently recognized version of OTT platform services. Some of the most famous platforms are Netflix, iTunes, and YouTube ( an Ad-based service).
  • Audio-  audio streaming is also attainable through OTT platforms. For instance- internet radio stations and Podcasts.
  • Messaging-  The OTT-based messaging services connect the users directly through the internet avoiding mobile SMS networks. Facebook, Google, WeChat have versions of these services that are qualified to replace the mobile text messaging features.
  • VOIP-  VOIP is a voice calling platform such as Skype and WeChat that runs through internet protocols and is seen as an OTT service.

Why Are Broadcasters Live Streaming With OTT Platforms?

More and more broadcasters are selecting apps to augment their reach and business. Some of the niches where audiences are actively looking for an experience with live streams are-

  • Health and Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Online learning
  • Spirituality
  • Lifestyle
  • Arts & Crafts

How A OTT Video is Delivered?

OTT video streaming supports the technology created for the web to safely stream video contents stored on their server over an unreliable internet network where the available bandwidth can vary.

The pre-recorded videos are stored on CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)  distributed all over the internet.

Thus, when an audience chooses a video top stream through an application, a request is made to the local CDN to receive a display file of the video clips, and also a request is made to the relevant DRM (Digital Rights Management) server for the media key to decipher video chunks.

So the whole process is something like this-


The person on the device requests 30 seconds of video clips to fill its playback buffer using the display file details from the CDN.


 The CDN then gives back these clips and the media key is utilized to decipher the clips that are ready for playback.


The person will furnish the video clip as long as the play option is selected on the screen.


The player will keep requesting video clips in an attempt to keep its playback buffer full until the viewer presses pause or stop. At this point, it will stop sending requests.

How To Stream On OTT Platforms?

The availability of OTT content is the main reason why it’s popular. The devices that support the OTT apps or browsers are-

Mobile OTT Gadgets

Smartphones and tablets are good examples in this category as you will be able to download OTT apps to stream anytime.


Viewers can also access OTT content desktop apps or web browsers.

Smart TVs

The popular examples in this category are the Apple TV and Firestick. Although gaming consoles like PlayStation also support OTT apps.


OTT live streaming platforms are blooming for the same reason as streaming videos.

In short, people like having the authority to watch the content they want.

O-T-T offers audiences a vast opportunity to watch content. It also means that you will have marvelous ways to build your streaming business. The audience values the connection and the convenience they get from OTT apps. If you also want to make more money and grow your viewers, build an intuitive app. You can look for our In-house experts. For more information book a call with our team today.

Thank you!

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