JavaScript has recently encountered a burst in popularity. And it’s a good thing. Because with JavaScript, a developer can create websites and web applications by using one set of technologies.

For the past few years, JavaScript is seen as the go-to language for creating contemporary websites and action-based applications. This is the reason why it is so trending and is in heavy demand.

According to a survey, 85% of HR specialists have difficulties in finding a JavaScript developer. Because there are not plentiful of them for all of us. In addition to this, there will be an increase in technical expertise by 20% by 2028.

Because of the high demand for applications, there is a requirement for a qualified JavaScript developer. However, the resultant demand supply and low supply undoubtedly unbalance the market as a whole.

This is why finding the Best JavaScript Developer is not an easy errand. JavaScript developers are in heavy demand, and getting a JavaScript developer that’s the perfect fit for your company demands careful searching and detailed evaluation.

A survey done in 2020 states that 60%- 65% of programmers use JavaScript. It also implies that 60-65 percent of programmers claim to have knowledge about this language. But think this out, a developer who fiddles with a bit of JavaScript can not be called an expert.

Through this article, we will suggest to you where to look and what to look for in order to hire the best JavaScript developer.

Oh, by the way, before starting anything, it would be good to know a little about JavaScript developers.

What Do You Know About JavaScript Developers?

By definition- a JavaScript developer is a software programmer who scribbles front-end website codes and server-side codes for computer applications.

A JavaScript developer operates on the front end of the webpage. They generally work next to computer programmers who work exclusively on webpage styling and markup. The front-end JavaScript developers add dynamic features to web pages.

Without JavaScript code, a website will only display inert content such as text and images. JavaScript code entitles web pages to change content.

For instance, if you see a stock web page, the stock prices will keep changing whenever you refresh the page.

JavaScript is also used on the server-side to access server front-end resources, perform massive computations, and retrieve the files and databases.

Alongside web development, a JavaScript programmer also specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Things Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

Javascript developers, js developers

Every developer should have an acquaintance with how to test and debug codes, how to operate a version control system, and how to creatively decipher problems.

What a Best JavaScript Developer should know is as follows-

The Core Programming Language

JavaScript might seem enormous and unrealistic to understand because of the frameworks like Node.js and libraries like jQuery, along with several npm packages.

The JavaScript language has progressed through several versions, which have also replaced the selected syntaxes of many operations.

In an easy language, a JavaScript programmer can perform the same task in multiple ways.

And a professional JavaScript programmer will recognize that the core JavaScript programming language is correspondingly compact. They should have learned about basic language features like if/else, the power of functions, the applications of return remarks, error handling, and string manipulation.

They will also know about intricate ideas like objects, variable scope, and keywords. JavaScript developers should also be acquainted with the new add-ons in the core language. They should be familiar with everything like promises, modules, and generators.

Basics Of Web Designing

Webpages are created from JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

You might have understood by now that JavaScript is a programming language that web browsers use to provide dynamic functions to a web page. Except, if you want to Hire a JavaScript Developer to work on the back-end, they need to understand how the DOM (Document Object Model) of any web browser works. And should also know how to operate HTML and CSS code.

In addition to this, having some design knowledge will also be beneficial. Because designers will not know what’s technically possible and what’s not. As a result, a Best JavaScript Developer should be able to converse design concepts with designers.

JavaScript Framework

The majority of commercial projects are developed using a framework. Because the frameworks make the development process faster by offering pre-written and pre-tested code for functions.

This way, developers will have more time to spend on building a new function in contrast to reinventing the wheel. A few popular front-end JavaScript frameworks are Angular, React, and Vue.js. And the popular back-end JavaScript frameworks are Node.js and Next.js.

As a result, make certain that the JavaScript developer you hire is skilled with the framework that is already in use for your projects.

Performance Optimization

There are various ways to attain a similar result in JavaScript. Still, different methods will have different execution times.

Therefore, every JavaScript programmer should know the fundamentals of how to optimize the performance of the code. The code can run slowly- there can be a lot of reasons behind this, such as many instructions to execute, slow PC hardware, or lag in the network.

Thus, it is important that JavaScript programmers have a deep understanding of the language and the framework so that they can identify the reason behind the slow-running code.

Types Of JavaScript Developers

types of js developers

It’s not necessary for every JavaScript developer to be able to build a web page from start to finish. Based on the application you are creating, its progress status, and other skills present in your team, you should find JavaScript developer from one of the three types-

Front-end JavaScript Developer

A front-end JavaScript developer has proficiency in the design necessities of a program. They are experts in creating the user-interface side of the program.

Back-end JavaScript Developer

A back-end JavaScript developer designs the app’s database layout. The developers are liable for every functionality that runs on the server. If you already have a front-end programmer in your team, then find a back-end JavaScript programmer. 

Full-stack JavaScript Developer

A full-stack JavaScript coder is an all-rounder who is qualified to develop both the back-end and front-end of a program. If you are creating a project from the very beginning, in that case, you should hire a full-stack computer programmer.

A full-stack developer should have a working knowledge of both database layout and designs, but should not be an expert in either.

Where To Find/ Hire A JavaScript Developer

Look out for these places to Hire a JavaScript programmer who is knowledgeable and dedicated.

Extern Labs Inc.

Extern Labs is the place to begin your search to hire a JavaScript developer. They have dedicated developers who are experts in customized websites and web applications.

Extern Labs will hike your employee retention rate. As they closely collaborate with the senior and junior staff for continuous experience exchange.

Our team will make sure to divide the assignment according to the level of expertise and will give a balance of seniority that perks the workers based on their performance.

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JavaScript Developer Communities

As I said, JavaScript is famous. And so, there are several discussion forums where JavaScript developers from all over the globe hang out to discuss their technical issues. There are some famous JavaScript communities, like Site Point, Hash Node, and many more.

Search for the patrons in these forums to find JavaScript developers.


Several freelance job platforms are brimming with JavaScript developers.  However, there are chances that several JavaScript developers on these freelance platforms will be unqualified, so be certain to screen them thoroughly.

Do’s & Don’ts To Hire JavaScript Developers

There are many things to consider while reviewing applicants for your JavaScript programmer position. For example, their previous experience, their work portfolio, and their skills.

Below are some do’s and don’ts for evaluating JavaScript developers that you should contemplate for hiring the best JavaScript developer.


  • Look for a knowledgeable JavaScript developer.
  • Select a JavaScript developer who can communicate proficiently.
  • Hire a JavaScript Developer with a great portfolio.
  • Test your selected candidate’s skills in the early stages.
  • Hunt for experience with open-source platforms.


  • Ask only technical questions at the time of the interview.
  • Neglect the cooperation skills of JavaScript developers.
  • Forget to explain your business goals.
  • Select developers who are unaware of privacy policies.
  • Forget to check the references of JavaScript developers.

Final Thoughts

Not every developer is equal, and regardless of the popularity of JavaScript, finding the JavaScript programmer that fits your demands will take some searching.

The first step is to identify what type of JavaScript developer you want and focus your search on the niche to save your valuable time.

To put it concisely, there are some third-party companies that can help you with the same. Here, referring to a well-established, credible company like Extern Labs that will save your time and money and offer you the best possible candidate.

Book a call with our team to hire the best JavaScript developers.

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