One can not decline that programming languages are super fun and fascinating. Being a part of the IT and Software industry, many of my friends who are pursuing their careers in programming languages always ask me what are the most popular programming languages in 2023. 

So, I decided to write this blog today for them and for you so that you can confidently start your programming journey.

Today’s blog is about the 5 most popular programming languages & paradigms.

In today’s time, it is almost impossible to perform anything devoid of programming. Every domain today largely depends on programming or computer languages. As a result, there is now an overflow of programming languages. Among them, some have gained commendable popularity while some have experienced backsliding. 

Thus, if you are thinking of upscaling your skills, then you should read this blog to learn about different programming levels and about the 5 most popular programming languages & paradigms to learn in 2023. 

With that being said, let’s move ahead!

Before going on to the main objective of this segment, let me tell you some facts and fun knowledge about programming.

Who knows, maybe after reading this you will get more fascinated with computer languages.

The initial programming language was designed by Lady Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage in the year 1883.

And currently, there are over 9,000 programming languages all over the globe. Look at “Bhai Lang”, a fresh programming language designed by two Indian developers.

However, these many options have obviously created confusion.

And I also know that for all programmers and coders, the language they like the most is supreme for them.

But, this is not the same for the decision-makers in business.

As a business head, you will hardly have any knowledge about the complexities of these programming languages. After all, learning the features of all the programming languages and comparing thousands of options is not your task and not worth your time. 

But then, you are also a final decision maker in finalizing the details for your next project.

Thus, this guide is also very helpful for business decision-makers.

To be up-front, we are not claiming to provide the definitive list of the best programming languages. As it is impossible to create because a language that is best for one project might not be good for another.

Moreover, this blog specifically is about popular (In-demand) with the idea of narrowing down your choices. Thus, our list contains programming languages that are loved and favored by the majority of developers and programmers. 

And once you have your hands on the right programming language, developing a flawless program will become possible for you.

Levels Of Programming

Do you know about programming levels? Every programming language has its own purpose with unique syntaxes to generate instructions. Programming languages differ in their level of abstraction and are generally divided into two types-

  • Low-Level language
  • High-level language

Low-Level Language

Low-level languages offer abstractions from the hardware and are depicted in the binary form (0 and 1). Low-level languages are further subtyped into machine-level programming languages and assembly-level programming languages.

The low-level programming languages are termed low-level because they are computer-friendly and are easily understood by computers. They are memory-efficient.

High-Level Language

The high-level languages permit us to design programs that are independent of the type of system. High-level languages are adjacent to human language and can be understood easily, which is why they are labeled as high-level. However, they require mindfulness of the problem logic. And these types of languages require compilers to translate a high-level language into a low-level one. The major advantage of a high-level language is that they are easy to learn and operate, plus they are portable (System- independent).

What Are The Types Of Programming?

I think first we should acquire a general understanding of the various kinds of programming languages and programming paradigms. And this is different from levels of programming. How?

The types of programming language mean how a code is employed and designed, in opposition to where it belongs on the machine-assembly-or human level.

most popular programming language

Procedural Programming Language

The procedural programming paradigm is obtained from structured programming and spells out a series of well-structured steps and processes to generate a program. It offers commands by sorting out the programs into variables, functions, statements, and operators. Some common examples are BASIC, C, JAVA, PASCAL, Eclipse, and FORTRAN.

Functional Programming Language

A functional programming language is an explanative programming paradigm where projects are designed by framing activities. The programming language primarily highlights the expressions and statements. The core of functional programming is lambda calculus which utilizes conditional articulations and iterative to perform the calculations. Some of the popular functional computer languages are Haskell, SML, Scala, ML, and scheme.

Object-Oriented Programming Language

The object-oriented programming languages hinge on “objects”- these are units that comprise data in the form of codes and fields contain data in the form of steps.

Object-oriented programming language emphasizes code reusability with the idea of inheritance, thus allowing the advancement of current implementations without too many changes in the code.  The most popular Object-oriented languages are Java, C++, C#, Python, and JavaScript.

Scripting Programming Language

All scripting languages are computer languages that don’t need a compilation step. Instead, they are explained. The programming is done for a run-time environment. These languages are commonly used in web applications, game applications, and multimedia. The famous scripting languages are JavaScript, PHP, PERL, and AJAX.

Logic Programming

As you know, the programming paradigm largely relies on formal logic. As the language does not give instructions to the machines but employs restrictions on what they must be doing. Some of the famous logic programming languages are PROLOG, ASAP, and Datalog.

How Did We Find Our Top 5 list?

We have featured the 5 most popular programming languages on the basis of the survey conducted by Stack Overflow.  FYI, stack overflow is a famous question-answer platform for both professional and amateur programmers, and coders. This platform assists developers and programmers to share their knowledge and stay updated with the latest advancements and swings.

It is the survey that Stack Overflow performed on 80,000 plus programmers from several countries, age groups, genders, and professional statuses. And a cumulative action of all these data is then presented in their report. 

“Any Fool Can Write Code That A Computer Can Understand. Good Programmers Write Code That Humans Can Understand.”    – Chris Pine

So then, what does this blog offer?

The Stack Overflow survey will tell you what the programmers around the world feel. But, this is not enough information as the survey will tell you about the “What” factor, and not about the “Why”.

So, now let’s get straight into it.

According to the Stack Overflow survey, the following are the most popular programming languages. Now, Let’s have a look at these computer languages bit by bit and see what makes them so popular.


most popular programming languages

There are about 1.9 billion websites on the server, and over 95 percent of them make use of JavaScript in one way or the other. Today, JavaScript is the most popular language on the net. It is a scripting programming language that will permit you to apply complicated features on web pages.

If you are creating a frontend for your website then there is no big competition for javaScript. It is regarded as the king of front-end technology.

Features of JavaScript:

  • It has a systematic codebase that offers enhanced productivity and readability.
  • It is recognized as a transparent scripting language.
  • It is simple to learn and highly popular.
  • One can have more control over the browser.
  • Various add ons for improved functionality.

From a career prospect, it is an excellent choice as several startups use JS. Thus, if you dream of a cool tech job, you should start considering learning JavaScript.

You can learn more about Javascript here.


most popular programming languages

Python is a novice-friendly and readable language. It is a free and open-source software language that has strong developers’ community support. Python is seen as a computer language for web and desktop program designing, and it also provides user-friendly information structure and web server amalgamation.

Python also comprises an extensive library that backs it up. Regarding business decision-makers, Python is a language that can be utilized for complex requirements.

Today, Python is on the list of most popular programming languages for machine learning (ML) and deep learning practices.

It is a thirty years old computer language developed by Guido van Rossum. Today, Python is a primary coding language for 80 percent of developers.

Features of Python:

  • Simple to code.
  •  Object-oriented programming language
  • GUI support
  • Stretchable features

And the fact that Python is utilized by major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google is good proof of why it is the most popular programming language.

“PYTHON= (P)rogrammers (Y)earning (T)o (H)omestead (O)ur (N)oosphere”    —Sean McGrath


most popular programming languages

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a programming language that is utilized to provide a composition to the text and content on web pages. However, HTML alone may not be able to do this much from the appearance front. 

And that is why Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) came into the spotlight. It is generally knuckled down in conjunction with HTML, and CSS is at the helm of the color, font, and position of the elements.

Thus, if you are wondering about hiring any programmer or developer for your project make sure they fill the HTML and CSS box.


most popular programming languages

Java is not the short form of JavaScript. So, don’t get confused among both the terms, as they are two different programming languages. Java is the most admired programming language that is used by several developers. It is utilized as the server-side computer language for many back-ends development projects such as desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, cloud application, and many more.

Java is extensively used in Android App Development. Almost all businesses today need an android app as there are billions and billions of Android users.

Java has a WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) capability. Although, Java is a composite language to learn.

Features of Java:

  • Supports multithreading
  • Best for distributed computing.
  • Open-source library.
  • Comprises a stack allocation system.
  • Follows the object-oriented programming paradigm.


most popular programming languages

C++ has a considerable presence in the universe of programming languages. It is another general-purpose programming language and is utilized in almost all low-level languages, like OS and file systems.

If you are thinking of becoming a system-level programmer, this is the language that you should consider learning. C++ is extensively used by competitive programmers because it is extremely fast and secure. It is a reservoir of ready-to-use libraries for many data frameworks, arithmetic operations, and algorithms.

Features of C++:

  • Offers great portability.
  • Have various compilers and libraries to work with.
  • Runs along with the system hardware, and offers a low-level abstraction.
  • Affluent function library.

If you have just started learning codes, then C++ will be very easy for you to understand.

At the end, which programming language to choose will depend on your career goals.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have gained knowledge about the most popular programming languages in 2023, and now you are also aware of why these programming languages are still supported by a large community of developers.

Now, the next step for you is to recognize the programming language that will meet your needs for your upcoming project. Once you have decided on one language, find a dedicated expert or agency and get your project started.

Thinking about where you can get a dedicated programmer with proven skills in these above given popular languages? Extern Labs can help you. Our team has the capability to take your project from the initial stage to the final stage and will deliver outstanding results.

If you are looking to onboard the experts, Contact us to get the right tech talent today!

Thank you for reading our blog.

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