From a small startup to a well-established business, every enterprise these days applies React to build a native app. Because React allows programmers to build comprehensive web applications that can revise the data without reloading the page.

A React developer is engaged in the whole development and supervision of the user-interface elements.

But the process to hire Best React Developer can be daunting, mainly because the demand for React coders is increasing exponentially and hundreds of companies are striving to hire from the finite reserve of experienced developers.

The main objective of React is to be quick, flexible, and forthright. Plus, it can be used in coalition with JavaScript libraries and frameworks like Node.js, Angular JS, and many more.

So, how can one find the best React developer? Where can one find React developers? And is it possible to hire a profitable React developer with good qualities?

The answer is yes! 

If you know what you want in your React developer and if you are aware of the accurate hiring procedure, then, of course, you can.

Still confused! Don’t worry, we will try to reduce this humongous problem you have. Here is everything you must know about hiring the best React developer.

React is an open-source software of JavaScript library for creating fast and unified user interfaces for websites as well as mobile apps. In the MVC (model view controller) design, React comes under “View,” which operates on how the application looks and performs.

React is from the JavaScript family, so it is the most in-demand skill at present and will be in the near future. I am not just saying this. According to data, there are over 17.9 billion websites in the WWW and 96.7% of these websites utilize JS.

Since JS is a user-side scripting language, the code will be handled on the user’s browser and not on the webserver. Thus, it cuts down on the consumption of high bandwidth and slow site loading.

Furthermore, like the server-side scripting language, the JS code can be embedded in an HTML page. Because of its potential to create dynamic and collaborative web pages, it is used to animate components, create web servers and generate infrastructure by applying Node.js.

For a consecutive eight years, JavaScript is the widely-used programming language.

Reasons For Its Popularity

  • It is simple to write constituents in React, and the reusability of those constituents is an added advantage, particularly for bigger enterprises.
  • Since the constituents remain distinct, It means it has its own features and functions, so developers can simultaneously work on several UI constituents.
  • When data swaps, it effortlessly manifests and updates the right constituents.
  • The constituents help you debug the codes, and they include unidirectional data flow.
  • It has various performance inflations and add-ons that permit you to create full-fledged front-end applications.
  • It provides harmonious integration into any application, whether it’s a portion or an entire application.
  • As created and maintained by Facebook, it has vast community support and over 100k starts on Github.

Many famous companies operate on React. Some of the most well-known examples are- Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Shopify, Uber, Amazon, and Twitter.

React’s Significant’s Advantages

why React is popular

Some of the main benefits of React that you can look forward to when you use it for your business are:


Considering React is open-source software, it comes with some typical advantages of using open-source software, like transparency, community, and cost-efficiency.

Reusable Components

Having a reusable element implies that a programmer will spend lesser time managing the existing code base, and more time operating on fixes and new configurations.


The React employs virtual DOM to improve the overall performance, providing faster load time and more effective use of memory.

Documentation And Support

Because of the immense popularity of React, the level of statistics, tutorials, and support around the topic is inclusive. Programmers can apply this data to get unstuck and keep the project on schedule and on a low budget. 


React gives an advanced level of security that guarantees the uprightness of your website and web applications.

Hire Javascript Developer

Who Is A React Developer?

An ideal React developer is generally a front-end developer that has comprehensive experience using React and Reacts Native. They are capable of maneuvering their knowledge of JavaScript to develop user interfaces that amuse end-users.

A full-stack React developer will also have experience with using Express, Node.js, and MongoDB.

Responsibilities Of React Developer

React developer skills

Before you dive into looking for who you want to hire, it’s crucial to know what skillset a good React developer should have. Because understanding the qualities and responsibilities will help in making the right decision to land the best React developer you are looking for.

Write Clear And Acceptable Code

It is the first skill that every developer should have. A developer should be capable of writing clean, clear, and easily understandable code.

It means the code is well-understood and can be revised by someone other than the developer who first wrote it.

A programmer who writes clean code saves time on flexibility, maintenance, and debugging for weeks or months. 

Assist In All Stage Of The Development Cycle

A trained React developer should have participated in every stage of the development lifecycle. Giving input in all phases, from the beginning of planning to development and support, will help prevent issues that may arise later.

An experienced developer might also have practical knowledge in every phase.

Problem Solving And Analytical Thinking Skills

A big part of application development is problem-solving. This should be more than just working codes into the codes of fundamental libraries and systems that support it. As a result, a developer with strong problem-solving and analytical thinking skills can save hours on a single project.

Knowledge Of Current Technology

The software and technology industry moves fast. Thus, it is the practical necessity of any computer programmer to be on top of what’s changing and what kinds of updates are happening. This knowledge should not be complete, but a general awareness of available technology is valuable.

How to Hire React Developer?

Here, we have boiled down some of the best practices for hiring skilled developers into a series of practical steps that you can follow to make sure you find and hire a front-end React developer who can offer high-quality work and meet strict deadlines.

The general steps are as given below-

  1. What is the present stage of your project or company?
  2. How many React programmers are you hiring?
  3. Is your assignment short-term or long-term?
  4. What expertise level are you looking for?
  5. Is it worth using a React development company?
  6. Describe your subsequent React development team.
  7. Write a project overview and job description that will allure the best React developers.
  8. Test React developers to find the superior one.
  9. Make a list of questions that you will ask the developer in the interview.

Where To Find The Best React Developer?

It can be a difficult task to find react developer. However, with the right procedure and through the right medium, you will be able to hire React developers easily.

Some of the forums where you can find React developers are-


You can hire freelancer React developers from various freelancing websites. You don’t have to commit to freelancers, and their reviews on the site will help you make decisions. Plus you have the benefit to hire and fire people quickly.

But, it has some cons as well. The freelancers will not be faithful exclusively to your project only. Freelancers are famous for “ghosting” clients. Their time zone can be different from yours. In addition to this, freelancers will have multiple clients, so there are chances of mixing up projects.

Outsourcing Agencies

There are some agencies that perform outsourcing. So, you can hire talented developers to work on your websites. And you can scale up or down based on your demands. However, some of the drawbacks of outsourcing are that you may experience large time zone differences. You will not be able to involve in the project as much as you may like. Plus, you can’t coach the team as you do with your employees. And you might face a problem with code quality.

Tech-Enabled Company

Through a tech-enabled company, you can find remote developers for your enterprise. By recruiting a tech-enabled company, you will get loyal employees who will always be on-call for emergencies. Through this, you will have a trustworthy developer who will be committed to your business and goals.

You will get someone who has an absolute interest in the long-term success of your company. You will get someone who is like a part of your team, so you can manage them more efficiently. Feedback will be given since they are obligate to your business. All the HR operations will be driven for you. The only drawback is that you will be responsible for paying a full-time salary.

Why Hire React Developer With Extern Labs?

React developers in Extern Labs go through screening, interviews, and then we upskill them to become true software programmers that are able to adapt to situations both within and beyond their general expertise.

At Extern Labs, we have developers of a higher standard. Much more like an elite special force that recruits only the superiors from the main units of the military. We hire developers who have either great potential or exceptional skills and sharpen them even further.

In working with Extern Labs, you can relish full-time developers at an affordable price, in addition to extra project management assistance.

To know more, reach out to us and tell us about your project so that we can help you in establishing your business.


You must have now got the knowledge and tools needed to hire the best React developer. We have mentioned what to consider during the recruiting process, the places where you can find the best React developers, and the best way to hire one.

Do follow the above-mentioned practices to enhance your chance of hiring skilled React developers.

Stop waiting, start developing!

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