For every business, whether it’s budding or well established, creating a website is necessary.

A well-built website will offer end users easy access to the business and help them figure out whether they want to buy a product or simply learn more information.

Also, a website is an ideal way to establish your brand. Moreover, every business plan should prioritize efficiency. And this should also be the same when you commence building your website.

There are some software tools that illustrate the same appeal in simple, fast web development. Django is the best example of a Python framework created to accommodate that appeal.

In this blog, we will explore how one can hire the right Python Django developer and why it is essential to hire the right developer. As a result, you can easily find the best Python Django developer.

Let’s see!

A Note On Django

By definition, Django is free open-source software (FOSS) and a Python-based web framework established in 2005. The framework performs this through the model view controller (MVC) paradigm. It is the most favored architectural template amongst all web developers.

The MVC template uses three correlated elements to systematize the user interface in an accessible structured way. In MVC, the Model indicates the data, the View emphasizes the user interface, and the controller deals with inputs.

Another essential aspect of Django is that it tries to empower ease of creation at the time of developing websites.

To do so, Django dwells on ideas like reusability and pluggability for its elements. Lesser codes, minimum coupling, and speedy development also explain the main goals of Django.

You will often see the idiom- “low coupling, high cohesion.” It signifies that different modules should be independent so that future changes to the specified module won’t cause any unexpected results.

High cohesion indicates that the components of Django modules work efficiently and with a definite purpose.

The codebase in Django should be rational as the functionality is written briefly, not at undue length.

This is related to the entire pluggability of the Django design. Django inclines towards reusable applications that you can plug into any program. To explain it simply, applications or third-party code that monitors Django reusable app conventions can be conveniently inserted into a project with very little effort. 

All of these components of Django perform together to provide developers with the potential for rapid development.

About Python Django Developer

A Python Django developer works in the Django framework and develops websites. Generally, Django programmers are website developers. And since Django is a python- based framework, Django developers are also called Python Django developers.

As I said, Django’s framework is related to the concept of pluggability and reusability of applications. A Python Django developer should have complete knowledge of these concepts and must know how to use them effectively to design easily manageable code.

A developer should also have a deep insight into OOP (Object-oriented programming),  ORM (Object-relational mapper), and RESTful APIs.

FYI, OOP is a programming norm drafted in Python to handle objects innately through classes. It helps programmers model real-life circumstances.

However, an ORM is how Django connects to the application database. It is an uncomplicated technique as compared to SQL. The RESTful APIs are part of application programming interfaces (API). They are meant to integrate the applications with other elements through the recent protocols.

Reasons To Hire A Python Django Developer

A website is essential for your company. But figuring out how to do it is totally up to you.

Honestly, there are various frameworks for creating websites or a CMS (Content Management System) that will do the same thing without any coding requirements.

However, to be truly determined, you should have a website that is original. And this requires autonomy that can only be provided by a skilled software developer. In addition to this, you will also view the value in things that can be done quickly and easily.

Django can be the framework you called for if you want to build a distinctive website but at the same time don’t wish to overcomplicate things.

And to use Django to its full extent, you will need a Python Django Developer.

Benefits Of Using Django

Django benefits

If you have decided to use Django, then you will be more than happy to know that Django has a range of useful advantages to support the development process.

By using Django, not only your project programming will be fast and simple, but by seeing the array of features Django comprises, you will definitely be fascinated.


Well, it’s not mentioned to the same extent as Django’s RAD(Rapid Application Development) principles, but security is one of the priorities of Django.

Programmers will have answers to common security problems like clickjacking, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.

Clickjacking or UI redress attacks guile users into clicking on different things other than what they willed. Thus, leaking confidential information. Whereas, in Cross-site scripting, muggers introduce malicious crips into a trusted website. SQL is also a type of introduction where malicious code is injected into SQL statements through web page input.


The initial use of Django was to develop a web application for a newspaper publisher known as Lawrence Journal-World. But since then, Django has made a rambling success.

Today, varied industries, extending from healthcare to finance and to social media sites, use Python Django to develop e-commerce platforms.

The other uses of Django are CRM systems, real-estate property evaluation systems, and document management processes.


Django is cross-platform. It means one can base the project on a Mac, PC, or Linux distribution. The ORM makes it practicable for achievers to relocate applications to big databases through a few lines of code.

Some of the famous companies that utilize Django are- Pinterest, Instagram, Coursera, Spotify, Youtube, and BitBucket.

Technical And Soft Skills To Look For In A Python Django Developer

django skills

One should consider the below-mentioned skills while seeking the best Python Django Developer.


Since Django is written in Python, you ought to find a trained Python programmer. Python also has an object-oriented model that assists classes and objects. Thus, you should be certain that the developer you recruit grasps the object-oriented principle.


Since you are looking for a Django developer, the minimum skill required for a programmer is to have a grip on Django. They should not just know about Django but also have insight into the internal components of the Django framework. They should have knowledge of the varied tools offered by Django.


The Django app links with the databases through ORM, or Object Relational Mapper, because for an application to work fluently, its database should be fast and safe. Thus, always look for a developer who possesses good ORM expertise. 

Multi-Process Architecture

In this competitive world, you can make your application work faster through multi-threaded architecture. Therefore, recruit a Python Django developer who has a good grasp of threads. And you should also test their debugging skills on a multi-threaded application because they are difficult to debug.

RESTful API Applications

The majority of the network connections are developed by applications that are based on the REST architecture. One can do POST, GET, and PUT calls using the aforementioned framework. Always look for a developer who understands all these calls.

Besides all these technical skills, a candidate should also acquire some soft skills to prosper. Some of the required soft skills are as follows:


Communication is important for survival. In the same way, for the success of any work, communication is the key.

A person should be able to understand what the other person says and should be capable of responding correctly. Gaps in conversation can lead to big disasters.


A programmer should have motivation and commitment while performing the task assigned. The motivation to move ahead and succeed should be present in an individual to be a good programmer.

For the reason that you can only develop, create, and try new things only if you have inspiration.

Time Management

A developer should be capable of taking up the authority of the assigned task and he/she should be able to convey at the right time.

In the event of any failure, they should be ready to accept and handle the problems. Besides, taking responsibility for time management is another considerable non-technical skill that should be present in a developer. A programmer should know the value of time and should always abide by deadlines.

Problem-Solving Skills

Software programming can only succeed when a programmer is actively seeking opportunities to solve the problem. Thus, problem-solving and analytical thinking attitudes are the two major traits necessary to generate any new software or application. A developer should possess these skills to complete the given tasks.

Where To Hire The Best Python Django Developer?

Hire Freelancers

There are several reliable sites or companies that supply freelancers for all types of job requirements. For Django web development, there are some popular websites in the market where you can hire the best Python Django developer from any part of the world.

Hire Offshore Django Developers

When you hire an offshore (WFH) Python Django developer, you can have a Django developer on a contract basis or even permanently. There are several outsourcing sites for offshore developers.

Hire Django Development Company

There’s no doubt that Django web programming has its own benefits that can accelerate your business. By hiring the best company, you can have a successful build of a Python Django development project.

Hiring a top Django development company will be a great backing for your business. As you can always get assistance from the company. They will offer you 24/7 customer service and will resolve any issues regarding the Python Django development project.

We, Extern Labs, are a software solution company with business amenity and domain solutions that comprise the present world economy.

Some of the services that we provide are web development, mobile app development, IoT, and full-stack development.

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To Sum Up

If you are creating a Django-based project, it is vital to select an accurate team and hire the best and most competent developers.

Through this blog, we have explored all the important aspects that one should consider while hiring expert developers. We have also talked about some technical and soft skills that are significant factors when hiring a Python Django developer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it proved to be of value to you.

Thank you!

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