The online marketplace has grown famous in recent years, whether you are purchasing a product, selling a product, or buying an old product online. This task runs through an online classified app or a website. A classified mobile app lets users buy, sell, or rent a wide variety of items like gadgets, furniture, cars, and even pets. Classified app development can be an incredible idea as it will enable you to do everything with only one touch.

However, it is seen that lots of audiences crumple to differentiate between a classified mobile app and an eCommerce website. But, let me clear this up for you, there is a huge difference between them, in terms of their outreach. A classified application has a bigger size as compared to the eCommerce app.

And one more good thing about classified apps is that anyone can sell or buy anything from these platforms by reaching a wide marketplace of potential buyers.

So the buy-sell classified mobile app connects two types of people under one app- one who wants to sell their old mobile phones, ACs, or any other thing, and one who wants to buy products at a cheaper price.

The best examples of these kinds of applications are OLX and eBay. The classified marketplace is continuously evolving on a global scale, so it is not surprising why enterprises are desperate to be a part of this growing industry.

Although it may sound easy, the increasing competition in this segment has made it very difficult for apps to earn a reputable place in the market.

That is why buy-sell classified businesses are relying on mobile applications to upsurge their businesses, like OLX and eBay. If you also have a money-making idea but don’t know how to start Classified App Development. 

No worries, we are here today to assist you.

Let’s learn!

What Do You Understand By Classified Mobile Apps?

Lately, mobile apps like OLX and eBay are spreading their branches all over the online marketplace and gaining more customers frequently. These applications assist promoters, freelancers, and online sellers to expand their services in an economical and efficient manner.

So, if you are a small business owner or running a start-up, then these types of applications can be the best solution for you to promote your products and services. And the best buy-sell classified apps that can offer you good services and products at an affordable cost.

What Does A Classified App Look Like?

Before we explain in-depth about classified mobile app development, it is paramount to know about the chief characteristics of buy-sell classified apps.

  • The application will allow you to do quick and simple registration/sign-up and log in.
  • The customer can post free advertisements along with full, verified contact details.
  • Customers can buy or sell any product.
  • Users can use the search tab to track down the preferred seller or buyer.
  • Exclusive calling and chatting options are also available so that one can get to know about the vendors, learn more about the products and negotiate the price.
  • Routine notifications about products and buyers/sellers who are present near you.
  • Attractive deals, rewards, and discount offers.

Why Should One Invest In Classified App Development?

In present times, various enterprises are taking advantage of online buy sell classified mobile applications with a motive to promote their products and attract a huge customer base.

The universal advertisement market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 9.5 percent during the year 2019-2026.

Talking about OLX, it currently has a 350 million user base. And by the end of 2021, its active user base has increased double the times and become more than a $1.2 billion entity. The automobile is the biggest group on OLX that comprises 40 percent of all the active users on the app platform.

Growing customers’ interest in used cars has largely increased the number of active users on the platform. And to increase the revenue from this category, OLX started another business model named “CashMyCar”. The focus is on buying used cars from sellers and reselling them to car dealers and buyers.

Noticeable Benefits of Classified Mobile Apps Like OLX and eBay

classified app development

When it comes to classified mobile app development, there is a lot to know and understand. And in this segment, we will discuss the top advantages of utilizing a buy-sell classified mobile application. 

For Users’ (Buyers/Sellers)


A classified mobile application makes everything convenient for its users. Like for selling any item, the user will have to merely register with the app, click a few photos of the product they want to sell, list its features, enter the expected price and contact details, and post the ad for free. And wait for the buyers to reach out to you.

Entices Customer Interest

A classified mobile application offers a myriad of products from various segments, sellers/services alongside attractive deals and offers.

These things keep the end-users engaged as they don’t have to restrict their options to only one seller or buyer.


The mobile applications make it convenient to post and manage the buy or sell ads on the move. With the classified mobile application, anyone can post an ad from anywhere- anytime.

For App Owner

Scalable Business 

For classified app development very less investment is required and financial risk is also less as compared to eCommerce stores.

Because in the buy-sell classified app development, no investment is needed in the inventory. Plus, the owner can easily attract more users and can expand the business without much capital.

Stable Revenue System

Classified apps can generate quite a good revenue. There are many monetization options to use. Mobile apps like OLX and eBay make money through their premium listing and there are classified apps that earn money through the commission-based model.

Components Of A Classified Mobile App

Efficient UI/UX

Efficient and automatic UI/UX is the most prominent component of a good classified mobile application. It is essential for any classified app design to have user-friendly features that are quick and easy to navigate. This will not only maximize the user engagement but will also keep the customers active for a longer period.

Classified Performance Report

A successful app will enable the owner to record sales using specific matrices. By creating a detailed performance report, the owner can recognize which products/services are in huge demand and can also establish trusted merchants. Through this, the owner can find the right notifications for the users that will be beneficial to them.

Detailed Guide On Publishing Perfect Classified

It is an important component as it simplifies the customer experience. Generally, a classified advertisement is made of three parts: the headline, the description, and the contact information.

Providing a simple and quick guide on how to write the three parts accurately and publish an SEO-optimized ad will be a great feature to incorporate in your app.

Customer Ratings And Review Features

The ratings and reviews greatly influence the purchase part. In fact, rating and reviews are the first factors that influence the buying decision, just safer the product price. Thus, incorporating the consumer-created information on the app will be the best way to improve the authenticity of the app and boost sales.

Data Security

A buy-sell classified app must be supported with robust data security protocols to keep the customer information protected. Because such kinds of sites are the first target of cyberpunks and without any proper data security execution the app owner can risk the customers and themselves for payment scams.

Basic Features For A Classified App Development

Customer Panel Features

  • Registration/Signup, login
  • Browse classified listings
  • Location-based listings
  • Search and sort through filters
  • Create a wishlist
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Ask anything
  • add/view product images
  • Push notification
  • Send invites and referral points
  • Sharing feature
  • Multiple language support
  • place/view order
  • Payment options
  • In-app chat with buyer/seller
  • Free and paid listing

Admin Panel Features

  • Manage customers
  • Manage products
  • Administer service providers
  • Track and govern orders
  • Spam prevention
  • Content management
  • Database backup
  • Payment management
  • Categories management
  • Report generation
  • Manage inquiry and offer support
  • Manage reviews and ratings

Required Team Structure For Classified Mobile App Development

For the creation of a top-quality, feature-rich classified mobile application you have to hire an experienced classified app development company or team. Make sure to choose the team that contains the below-mentioned professionals-

  • Project manager
  • Android and iOS developer
  • UI or UX designer
  • Testers and QA analysts

Total Cost For Classified App Development

To determine the total cost for buy-sell classified app development, you should be aware of the factors that influence the cost.

Below are mentioned some factors that have a strong impact on the total cost determination of classified mobile app development.


Most businesses prefer a native mobile app for both Android and iOS. One should understand that native apps provide prominent features as they are designed to target a single platform. However, they can be expensive, you must choose a single platform first for your targeted audience.

App Design

For any application, UI/UX is considered a critical element. If you want to shine in front of your competitors, then you should focus more on the app design part. Moreover, the developmental cost will depend on the attributes of the app design.

Although, the mobile app that embodies a lot of animations will cost more than a standard one. To amplify the customer experience, it is necessary to invest in a classified app design that accurately conveys your brand message.

App Size

Different types of apps need different kinds of attributes and specifications. Plus the complexity level of the features will influence the development cost of an application. So, if you want to add advanced features to your mobile application then it will certainly cost you more.

Hourly Rate Of Classified App Development Company

Largely, all app development companies charge on an hourly basis. The development cost will be decided based on the time spent by the team members.

Other than these factors, the location of your app development company will also play an important role in determining the overall cost. However, you can easily get a standard features-loaded application between $10,000- $25,000.

Summing Up

This classified application market is a rapidly growing industry and companies like OLX and eBay are dominating the market by providing smart shopping solutions to users all over the world.

Investing in this kind of app will cost you less and the financial risk is extremely low, making it the perfect industry for new business opportunities. Now is the time to start your own mobile application with some advanced and engaging features.

So, if you are also looking for classified app development solutions, get in touch with our expert team of mobile app developers so you can actively compete with your competitors.

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