Through today’s blog title you must have got a hint. We will see the basic differences between Kotlin vs Java in today’s blog.

We will do all the comparisons on Java vs Kotlin.

Android app development has become a constant trend to advance any business; small or large. But the main element in Android app development that can influence your business is the programming language used to build the application.

For many, Java is their favorite choice, mainly because it is easily available. But the presence of Kotlin in the frame can weaken the confidence that a programmer has in Java.

After the introduction of Kotlin, there has been quite a lot of debate on Java vs Kotlin; which one is better, and there have been many search queries on Google like Kotlin vs Java android development, Kotlin vs Java performance, which language is good for app development in Java vs Kotlin, and so on.

Taking this into account let’s look at some of the important points on Kotlin vs Java.

All About Java

Java is the most accepted and common programming language that is defined as class-based, object-oriented, and developed with the motive to have as minimum execution dependencies as possible.

We can say that Java is a robust language and it guides the build-up of various software application OS along with new programming languages. And one of the reasons behind its brilliant performance is its features.

Java was created by Sun Microsystems. And it was named after a Java island.

Perks Of Using Java

  • It is multiplatform and works on every device, server, and OS.
  • Java has a tight security measure which reduces the chance of getting corrupt memory. It comes with a good coding base, making it robust.
  • Designing extensible applications in java can be done easily because of its features like reusability which makes the code even stronger.
  • Java has the skill of using third-party code to make programming easier.
  • Java is user-friendly and eliminating bugs from it is more effortless as compared to Kotlin.
  • The safety standard in Java is of high quality compared to Kotlin.

Its Drawbacks

  • The syntax in Java is a bit tough to understand in contrast to languages like Python and C++.
  • Some of the content can not be accessible in Java as it can be inappropriate for the device.
  • The openness to advancement in mobile app development is difficult.
  • Java shows some issues with the API designs in Android.
  • Programming in Java is mostly test-driven and the user has to write more codes as there is a higher chance of bugs and errors.
  • Java is a little more sluggish than other programming languages and demands good device memory.

Famous Projects In Java

  • Spotify
  • Uber
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb

All About Kotlin

Kotlin was introduced in February 2016 by JetBrains. Analytically, Kotlin is an open-source programming language and runs on the JVM. It is the official language for developing mobile Android applications.

Kotlin splits into Java byte code for additional compilation. There are many features in Kotlin that make it different from Java.

Perks Of Using Kotlin

  • Kotlin app development takes very little time for code compilation and prevents the application from taking extra space.
  • The codes in Kotlin are smaller in size, so it has fewer bugs and errors, which makes debugging simpler.
  • A bytecode, which is assembled by Kotlin can be carried out with JVM. Thus, the Java libraries can be made to run in Kotlin oriented projects.
  • Kotlin framework is generally used for composing projects in the Android studio for auto-completion and also minimizes the error detection time during assembling.
  • The Kotlin is stable against Null Pointer Exception.
  • Kotlin embodies coroutines along with Javascript for web designing.

Its Drawbacks

  • Kotlin is still not well-established. Thus, its developer’s community is very small compared to other programming languages.
  • Koltin tests weak patterns, making it very complicated to read the code.
  • Kotlin’s lofty learning curve and changing teams are due to language strict syntax.

The developer community of Koltin users is very less in the market. Therefore, it is very hard to find an experienced Koltin developer.

The Koltin mobile app development company is still growing. In 2017, Google approved Koltin and made it the second most formal programming language for android app development.

And according to a survey done by Stack Overflow reveals that 61.55% of programmers are using Kotlin for mobile app development and love using it whereas, for Java, the percentage is only 47.15%.

Famous Projects In Kotlin

  • Trello
  • Pinterest
  • Kickstarter
  • Evernote
  • Twidere for Twitter

Kotlin Vs Java

Kotlin vs Java, Java vs kotlin, comparison in java and kotlin

Let’s see the difference between these two languages based on their features.

Features             Java        Kotlin
Extension FunctionsIn Java, we have to create a classIt is already there in Kotlin
Null SafetyIt is not accessible in JavaIt is possible in Kotlin
Static Members It is present in JavaKotlin does not contain a static member for a class.
Wildcard Types Accessible in JavaNot accessible in Kotlin
Smart castsNot present in JavaPresent in Kotlin
String TemplatesPresent in Java but does not support expressions like KotlinThere are two kinds of string templates in Kotlin
Operator OverloadingOperators are fixed to a particular Java type.Kotlin permits users to provide a way to invoke outcomes.
ConstructorsIn Java, constructors can be utilized to take parametersKotlin includes a primary constructor and a secondary constructor.
No Checked ExceptionsIt is a bit problematic in JavaKoltin removes exceptions entirely
System TypeThere are different kinds of references related to the basic concept of class.It offers nullability support, universal guards, and type inference.
Java vs Kotlin

Java’s Dominance Over Kotlin: Java vs Kotlin

As you see from the above table, it is clear that Java has checked exceptions and Koltin does not record small packages that need exception specifications, which can enhance programmers’ productivity and code satisfaction.

Furthermore, encapsulation is essential in any program for the accomplishment of a proper degree of understandability. In Java, there are many functional scenarios where the colors of the items change as per their representation. Whereas, Kotlin doesn’t have non-private fields.

Plus, if you shift from Java to Kotlin, you can face problems in creating static techniques because Koltin does not have a static keyboard. Java has ternary operator support that reduces the length of the code.

Kotlin’s Dominance Over Java: Koltin vs Java

Kotlin vs Java performance: One of the downfalls in several programming languages like Java is that acquiring access to a null reference can end up in a null reference exception.

Moreover, the Kotlin library provides conventional interfaces, training, and elements of programming with a collection of any type.

Plus the collection bundle of Kotlin’s popular library gives an application for basic collections like sets, lists, and maps.

When Google announced Kotlin as its official programming language, Kotlin gained huge validation.

We can say that Kotlin is Android’s answer to keeping up with the rapidly growing mobile development industry.

Should We Choose Java Over Kotlin?

Kotlin is an analytically typed coding language that operates on the Java virtual machine. So, is it possible to assemble it with the Javascript source code?

Remember, Koltin syntax is not compatible with Java, but it supports Java code, and it relies greatly on the Java class library.

Kotlin vs Java Android: Kotlin is the advancement of Java, rather than being an entirely new language. Thus you can easily apply your Java skills in your Kotlin projects. And if you find code drastically different, Kotlin will help you understand the purpose of the code.

Do you know, Pinterest shifted from Java to Kotlin to offer a better User Interface.

So, if you are an Android developer and want to rewrite your Java project on Kotlin; no need to stress out. The Kotlin plugins will help you out.

Some Additional Features Of Kotlin Over Java: Kotlin vs Java

kotlin and java

When we are talking about Java vs Kotlin, we cannot ignore these features that show why Kotlin has gained more points in the battle of Java vs Kotlin.

  • It demands less code
  • It is secure
  • It is easy to understand
  • It is vibrant to use
  • Functional programming

Benefits Of Kotlin In Business: Java vs Kotlin

Redoing a big project in a new language is a serious task. However, Kotlin offers some good benefits in business that can influence your decision-

  • Shrinks project timelines as Koltin is straightforward and programmers can learn it quickly.
  • Less app crashes in Kotlin because of its compatibility with Java
  • Between Kotlin vs Java, Kotlin has good customer service with no downtime.
  • It is a fusion of functional and procedural development.
  • Businesses can make use of Kotlin for any programming like server-based, client web, or Android.

So Who Is The Winner In The Battle Of Kotlin vs Java

Well, it is definitely Kotlin. It is because Kotlin compiles with Java and offers a gradual change of codes and a higher-level system to Java.  with elements like declarative, less code, the mixed language database Kotlin is more demonstrative than Java.

In Java vs Kotlin; Koltin is seen as the future language for business application and mobile app development.

Is This The Ending Of Java?

There are very mixed opinions among programmers for this question.

Java is no doubt a reputable language with broad open-source tools and libraries to help programmers.

However, no language is perfect, there are some kinds of faults in every language. With that being said, Java also has some problems that make the work of developers dull. And Kotlin will provide solutions to common programming troubles and will improve the Java ecosystem.

In other words, Kotlin addresses many Java weaknesses.

Summing Up

In 2023, the competition between Java vs Kotlin will get more firm. Both Java and Kotlin have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks.

In Kotlin vs Java,  Koltin is almost similar to Java, and yes so you can go with Kotlin without being anxious about compilation time.

Agree, Kotlin is more android engrossed but, It is still too early to make a decision on Kotlin vs Java. It is because the developer community of Java is very strong and they are not going to replace it any time soon.

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