Python is one of the most potential programming languages that can help develop web, mobile, and desktop applications without a keen knowledge of programming. Right Framework can make any Python programming easier. Python offers various frameworks for different purposes and solutions with integrated tools and functionalities. Frameworks make development focused on application logic rather than common elements; They automate the implementation of tasks. 

Types of Desktop Frameworks

These days most work, and activity is done online, and the further we go in, the more we go deep; And the need for app development increases. With advanced technologies like cloud computing, development needs and availability is increased. Another big reason for the popularity of application development is that we can do it easily in less time. 

Web apps were in the limelight due to their low requirements, but desktop applications have more potential hardware integration that gives effective results. As a result, desktop apps are becoming more popular and valuable, even web-based applications.

To develop a desktop application, you will need a good framework that can match your qualifications and provide you with the desired performance. When you look for the best framework for the desktop application, you have to set your requirements and goals from your projects then start searching for desktop frameworks. Python Frameworks for desktop applications can be the best option when it comes to mid-level development due to their advantages. We can differentiate python desktop application frameworks based on their platform-

  • Desktop Frameworks for Windows App Development
  • Desktop Framework for macOS
  • Cross-Platform Desktop Frameworks

Here we will discuss the top 5 frameworks that can help any beginner developer build an interactive python desktop application.

Why we should use Python for Desktop Applications

Easiest and Convenient

Python is an easy programming language even for beginners, and frameworks make it the most accessible programming for web and desktop apps; this makes Python one of the most used programming languages around the world. In addition, Python has many tools, huge collections in libraries, and integrated features with a vast user base. Also, Python keeps adding new stuff in every department that making things easier for developers.

Quicker Prototyping

It takes less time in development when you work with Python rather than other programming languages. In addition, a huge user base provides Python with a massive collection of python libraries that can be convenient in python development.

Ecosystem & Libraries

Python has a massive range of libraries and tools that opens you to their pre-written tools and less time in development. In addition, there is a wide range of ecosystems that extend you to development and solutions like Pandas and Numpy for analysis, SQLALchemy for queries, Pygal for charting, and web frameworks like Flask and Django.

Here we will discuss the Best Python Frameworks for Desktop Applications

Python Frameworks for Desktop Applications


PyQT is an Application and GUI toolkit framework with one of the most powerful and popular Python interfaces. It has the Qt library and python programming language that allows the developer to create programs by coding and create visuals by Qt Designers. 

PyQT is free-to-use binding software with open-source widget toolkit QT implemented, Python framework that can help developers build cross-platform, web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is available for all platforms, including Windows, macOS, mobile, and Linux.


Tkinter is one of the most popular programming frameworks for Desktop apps and GUIs. It is a combination of the Tk and Python GUI frameworks. It is named Tkinter because of its simple UI and UX; development beginners can easily use it for python desktop applications. 

Tkinter has an abundant source of codes and reference books that makes it a popular choice. In addition, it has various widgets, like labels, buttons, and almost everything that you might need in your python desktop development process and GUI Designing. 

Tkinter is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile.


Kivy is open-source; OpenGL ES 2 accelerated framework for building new user interfaces and experiences for desktop apps. Kivy empowers its users with easy to write and run codes on cross-platforms. Kivy made python desktop application development fun, easy, and rewarding because of its open-source python library for application development and GUIs. In addition, it comes with 20 widgets that enable developers to design natural UIs.


wxPython is one of the best python frameworks for desktop applications development with GUIs. It can build cross-platform graphical UI with python programming language. wxPython toolkit allows developers to create interactive and natural user interfaces. 

Python development is easy, simple, and fast with wxPython. wxPython is known as a Python extension module that binds GUI elements from widget cross-platform library. 

wxPython is open-source with modifiable source codes; Users can also suggest bug fixes and design improvements. 


Bottle can generate only a single file for each development work created by it. Therefore, bottle is known as the most effective Python desktop development framework. Bottle framework allows developers to build applications closer to the system hardware and quickly builds APIs.

Beginners can use bottle to learn application development and prototyping with its straightforward user experience. The bottle is available for almost every platform, including mobile.

Python is the most used programming language; that makes sense why there are so many frameworks and tools for Python, but there are some widely popular and user-friendly python desktop application frameworks. These frameworks will help you build and design your projects as you want.

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