Have you ever used the eCommerce Reseller App “Meesho”? I am presuming you must have. Either way, for a quick heads up, Meesho gives you the chance to set up an online business with great convenience. Meesho helps entrepreneurs run their businesses without troubling them with the need to build an eCommerce application. 

After the pandemic, eCommerce is one sector that is growing at a faster rate. Today, several businesses are setting up their own eCommerce app. Are you also among them? 

Let me give you one piece of advice, it’s very soon but yes…

With so many big competitors in this segment, you have to stand out and offer something unique and extra than your competitors.  

Apps like Meesho have understood this plan and have proven that these things are possible. So, how about we look at Meesho and understand how they made things like these possible, and what’s the process of making an app like Meesho?

Shedding Light on Meesho

Imagine creating an app without any struggle with inventory management and shipping. An app where you can start a business without any significant investment.

Seems a little impossible, right?

But apps like Meesho are a good example of this. 

Here’s all that you should know about Meesho before building an eCommerce app like Meesho. 

As per a report, Meesho has sought the support of USD 215.2 million and achieved fiftyfold growth in less than a decade. This shows that Meesho has achieved extraordinary success and milestones and has paved the way for many entrepreneurs to set up mobile applications like Meesho. 

Meesho- an eCommerce application was started as a social cause. The Meesho founders wanted to give rise to an opportunity to produce home-based employment, giving individuals a chance to earn from an additional income source.

The app was primarily started with the motive to motivate homemakers to start something on their own with zero investments. This soon got famous among small and medium-sized businesses that were looking for opportunities and online platforms to sell their products but didn’t have the funds to create individual webstore on their own. 

However, businesses fail to create a clone of the Meesho app due to limited information. That’s why Extern Labs, a mobile and web app development company in India-decided to upload a quick guide for creating an eCommerce reseller app. 

So, let’s go through every detail step-by-step.

Reseller App- What Does It Mean?

Through reseller applications, individuals can start their business from the comfort of their home with zero investment and can make profits by selling the products to their known ones or to their contacts. This working business model was promoted more during the lockdown when the majority of the population was forced to stay at home so they started working from home. 

Define Your Application Product

To build the best reseller app, it’s important to analyze and decide your niche. For instance, reseller apps can provide multiple types of products and brands. Some product examples used by resellers to sell in their connections are- Home essentials, women’s clothing, jewelry & accessories, footwear, kitchen essentials, baby essentials, and electronics. 

Besides this, plan out the USPs of your app. If you don’t accentuate what your app offers to the target audience, there is a minimum chance that your app will find any place in the market after it goes live. 

You can focus on a few of the most effective advantages, like:

  • Best Quality
  • Best Quality-to-price ratio
  • Luxury
  • Aspiration
  • Must-have 

Define your purpose to build your application by giving answers to questions like these:

  • What kind of product does your platform sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How your offerings are unique compared to your competitors?

For a reseller app like Meesho, it will be a challenge to come up with unique product features because customization is pretty much common across the board. 

However, you can also include some additional benefits or features that can attract your target audience to download and start using your eCommerce reseller platform.

Offerings that you can provide on your reseller platform are:

  • Free shipping
  • Same-day shipping
  • Additional bonuses with purchase
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Discounted prices
  •  Customization
  • Free product listing for sellers

Decide on Features

ecommerce reseller app development

Before creating a list of features for your live eCommerce application, make sure that your priorities for your app have been mapped out.

To make things more understandable and easy, divide your app features into three segments:

  • Reseller app
  • Seller or supplier app
  • Admin panel

Features for Reseller App

  • Registration
  • Verification/Authorization
  • Search Filters
  • Product feed
  • Product categories
  • Product page
  • Product Catalogues
  • Product Comparison
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment integration
  • Tracking & Delivery
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Offers and discounts.
  • Push notifications
  • Localizations
  • In-app chat
  • Refer and earn 
  • Loyalty program
  • Image recognition
  • Style boards
  • Trendsetter badges

Features on the Seller App

  • Registration
  • Item management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Order management
  • Customer reviews
  • Shop statistics
  • Push notification
  • In-app chat

Features on the Admin Panel

  • Authorization through email or OTP
  • Reseller management
  • Seller or supplier management
  • Product management
  • Order management
  • Support request management
  • App analytics

Required Team to Build a Reseller Marketplace App

Developing a reselling marketing app can be very daunting unless and until you are an app developer yourself. 

So, to develop a reseller mobile app, you will need an experienced and specialist team of developers who can implement this project successfully. 

The team needed to build the mobile application will include the following members:

  • Project manager          – 1
  • Business Analyst         – 1
  • Backend developer   –  1
  • UI/UX designer            – 1
  • Dev/Ops                      –  1
  • Android developers     –  2
  • QA Engineer                –  1

Tech Stack for Reseller App Development

It’s important to learn about the technologies that will be used to create a reseller app like Meesho. 

The tech stack for reseller app development includes:

  • Mobile Platform Android and iOS
  • Web-                   .NET, PHP, JS, etc.
  • Push notification-  Twilio, Push.io
  • SMS and phone verification- Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments-       PayPal, Stripe, eWallets, and Braintree 
  • Database-        MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • Cloud Environment-  AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics-   Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, Bigdata, Cisco, IBM

Cost to Create a Reseller App

The total cost of mobile app development will be based on a number of factors. Some of the key factors are:

  • Application design
  • Platform (iOS or Android).
  • App store registration costs
  • Annual app fee
  • Developer fee
  • App features

The experienced reseller app developers can cost between 10,000-50,000 USD if the developers are from countries like USA and UK. 

However, in Asian countries like India, where there is no limit to the number of talented app developers, the cost of app development will be around 5000 to 25,000 USD.

Moreover, the development cost can differ slightly as it also depends on the app development company, location, and time.

Monetization Model of Marketplace Apps 

ecommerce reseller app development

If you are developing a reseller marketplace app, then you must have thought about generating revenue through the app. However, in how many ways can you generate revenue through your application?  

You don’t have to think and scratch your head. We will be explaining this part also.

Here are some monetization models that can help you generate revenue through your app:

1. Subscriptions

The initial sign-up will be free of charge. While the subscription model will be there for resellers to resell from the platform. This can be a nominal amount that will help them access some advanced features in the application.

2. Insertion Fees

The app can charge a fee from the sellers or suppliers to list their items for sale on the app. And the seller will have to pay for all the categories they have listed their item into. 

3. Seller Fees

The reseller app can earn a commission on every single item sold by the listed supplier through the app platform. 

4. Sponsored Listing

Sellers can pay for sponsored listings and can showcase their items on the top of their respective categories. 

5. Transaction Fees

The app can generate revenue by earning commission from the payment gateways whenever a transaction is completed at a percentage of the sale or at a fixed cost. 

6. In-app Advertisements

When your reseller app achieves significant user traffic, the application can allow third-party advertising to be displayed at a specified place on its platform. This in-app advertisement is for promotion, and it will permit sellers to attract users by giving each individual offer and internal recommendations. 

Build a Live eCommerce Reseller App With Extern Labs

Extern Labs is a prime IT and software development company based in India. It has the experience to work with modern technologies like PHP, MySQL, and AngularJS to undertake comprehensive changes related to web applications, mobile applications, performance, and factor integration. 

Read a case study on eCommerce web app development by Extern Labs to understand our strategic work.

Still, have questions in mind? Why don’t you contact us, our experts will answer all your questions. 

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