Extern Labs is a skilled & admiringly dedicated firm providing competent results that allow clients to expand their customer base. Most recently,  We have been named among the top IT services companies in USA and Dubai on SelectedFirms’ latest recognition. 

Why Selected Firms Choose Extern Labs?

At Extern Labs, we create innovative & imaginary products and services that provide unique and informative solutions. We turn your dream products or services into reality. We intend to establish a promising and profitable company by utilizing the latest technological solutions. Our mission is to unite work with talent. Furthermore, we aim to attain outstanding results by helping our customers to make remarkable improvements.

We prosper on superiority and provide our services on time. With effective communication management and our developers’ continuous support, we inform all the processes to our clients and work transparently. With our professionals’ consistent efforts and dedication, we have also scored a spot on the list of top eCommerce development companies in India & top software companies in Dubai by Selected Firms.

Our vision is to provide our clients with the top IT Consulting & software development services globally while keeping the client’s requirements in mind and respecting our values at the same time. 

Our Company stands on three pillars: Creation, Ideation, And Wisdom. To provide our clients with easily manageable and efficient solutions, we combine our technology expertise with core principles such as honesty, dignity, creativity, and passion.

At Extern Labs, we put our experienced team in front, collect the ideas they generate, and execute them to gain success and work hard for excellent results.

Our decade-old experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning enable us to create high-quality software solutions for our clients, so they don’t have to stress about their projects getting stalled. We have an expert team of admiringly competent 120+ IT professionals that has a track record of operating on 56+ technologies.

We as a client-oriented agency develop flexible and scalable solutions that include but are not limited to mobility solutions, web designing, eCommerce development, CRM, digital transformations, and IoT. We have served in multiple industries during our journey, which consists of eCommerce, Fintech, Education, On-Demand, Fitness, Media, Games, Food, Travel, Real Estate, Banking & more. We have completed more than 206 projects internationally with excellent outcomes. 


SelectedFirms is a renowned and visionary platform for B2B companies that provides details of the leading eCommerce, mobile, web, and digital marketing firms on the web. However, it requires too much in-depth analysis. Therefore, corporations are considered based on specific benchmarks, such as portfolio, knowledge, mastery, verified reviews, ability, communication management, and customer satisfaction, before getting selected for the coveted list.

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