ExperessJS is a framework for NodeJS to build impressive Web and Mobile Applications based on JavaScript. Its open-source and free-to-use javascript framework was developed and maintained by NodeJS developers and the community. ExpressJS or you can say Express has the simplest API to build websites, web apps, or Back-end. Express lets you skip low-level protocol, processes, and others.

What is ExpressJS

ExpressJS is an open-source Back-end web development framework developed by the NodeJS foundation and maintained by a wide developer’s community. It has one of the most minimal UI to build a website, web app, or back-end.  It has all the tools that might be required to build a web application. It has a huge community that continuously makes necessary improvements and builds modules and plug-ins which makes it more flexible and sufficient for web development. ExpressJS is used with NodeJS runtime environment and has the same popularity. It allows users to work in their own ways unlike other competitors Django and Rails. 

ExpressJS Advantages

  • Only the front-end requires HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but if you are using ExpressJS for the back-end you only need JavaScript, unlike other frameworks that require more than two languages. You are already using JS in the front-end that can be also used in the back-end.
  • Another big advantage is that ExpressJS supports NodeJS which makes developing the back-end much easier with nodeJS’s NPMs.
  • ExpressJS has a solid debugging mechanism that can help in faster application debugging and fastens the process of finding errors.
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How to Install ExpressJS

ExpressJS can be installed by using npm. This given command will flash and install Expressjs globally on your system which can be easily accessible by nodeJS. 

npm install -g express

This command will flash the latest build of ExpressJS to your project folder.

C:\newNodeJSweb> npm install express --save

–save will update the package.json file by specifying express.js subordinates.

Pro & Cons of using ExpressJS

Every coin has two sides thus every framework has. ExpressJS gave some powers to the developers but it also takes some toll. There are many advantages of using it, therefore, some cons as well, so here are some of the pros and cons of using expressjs.


  • The first and the most amazing advantage or benefit of using ExpressJS in web application development is that it provides an overall faster development process whether it’s for web, app, or backend.
  • There are many frameworks like ExpressJS but they cant huddle some higher-level requests; but with ExpressJS, you can easily manage requests with its support feature for I/Q request handling.
  • Express.JS has a huge and helping community of developers that can help you with your development problems.
  • It allows third-party integrations and plug-ins from nodejs and others that can help in your specific development requirements.


  • Sometimes ExpressJS can’t handle callback requests and gives errors.
  • ExpressJS offers a middleware system that gives users problems when facing client requests.
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ExpressJS has more to offer, with a good developer’s community it can be a very good tool for website, application, and back-end development. Even beginners can also start with working with ExpressJS due to its minimal user interface and experience. With time it will get better and more; so this might be the right time to start working with ExpressJS for smooth and future proof development.

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