Who doesn’t want to get healthy? After the pandemic, people have become more aware and serious about their health. To be healthy, to keep the body fit, and to avoid getting any kind of disease, people follow different habits like doing yoga, working out, joining a gym, meditating, intermittent fasting, jogging, and blah blah!

Among all of these, intermittent fasting is the most admired method to maintain a healthy body. However, it always gets difficult to keep track of the fasting schedules. 

One solution to this is the intermittent fasting tracking app that tracks your fasting schedule, gives other advice, and does all the health calculations for you. So that you can achieve your health goal successfully. 

Well, I’m not a nutritionist or a health expert, so don’t worry; I won’t be giving any health-related tips or knowledge. Being a technical writer, let me tell you how you, as an entrepreneur, can build an intermittent fasting app like Zero and make a business out of it. 

Even if you, are not a developer, or hiring a developer/team to build an app for you, you should have knowledge about how intermittent fasting apps work and what features should be included in the app to make it the best app out there. 

So, here’s all the information you don’t know you needed to build an intermittent fasting app like Zero. 

An Info Drizzle About Intermittent Fasting

Fasting has been quite common, it’s one big part of us humans’ life. Fasting is also related to religious importance in Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. 

However, intermittent fasting is a new thing, which is a combination of eating and fasting. 

You can understand intermittent fasting like this. Plan a 16:8 schedule. In this case, you do fast for 16 hours and can eat your desired meal in the remaining 8 hours period. 

This is one example, you can follow different regimens as per your daily routine to get used to the fasting process. 

Building an application that reminds you when to eat and when not during your intermittent fasting seems like a good idea. Don’t you think? 

To make this idea pivot, let’s talk numbers-

– According to Business wire, from the year 2020-24, the health and fitness industry experience a CAGR growth of 12%. 

– Digital health funding saw a $14.7 billion flow in this sector in the year 2021. 

– According to a recent digital health market analysis there is more than $ trillion total market opportunity for digital health platforms to address the greatest healthcare challenges. 

– More than 42% of US users agreed to use digital applications to improve their health. 

These numbers predict an investible future for intermittent fasting apps. However, let’s first understand the importance of using an Intermittent fasting (IF) app. 

How Intermittent Fasting Apps are Helpful

fasting app

Intermittent fasting is a popular approach to weight loss, improved health, and overall wellness. Intermittent fasting apps are designed to help users track their fasting periods, monitor their progress, and receive guidance and support to achieve their goals. There are several reasons why intermittent fasting apps can be helpful, including:

Tracking progress: Intermittent fasting apps allow users to track their fasting periods and monitor their progress over time. Users can set goals, such as the number of hours they want to fast and track their progress towards those goals. This helps users stay motivated and focused on achieving their objectives.

Reminder system: Intermittent fasting apps offer reminders that help users stay on track with their fasting schedule. These reminders can be set to alert users when it’s time to start or end their fasts, ensuring that they adhere to the proper fasting intervals.

Customization: Many intermittent fasting apps offer customization options that allow users to tailor their fasting schedules to their unique needs and preferences. Users can choose from a range of fasting protocols, such as the 16/8 method or the 5:2 diet, and adjust their fasting hours based on their lifestyle and dietary requirements.

Community support: Intermittent fasting apps often have built-in support communities that allow users to connect with like-minded individuals and receive encouragement, advice, and motivation. This social support can help users stay committed to their fasting goals and stay accountable for their progress.

Education and resources: Intermittent fasting apps often offer educational resources and guidance to help users understand the science behind fasting, the benefits, and potential risks. This knowledge can help users make informed decisions about their fasting schedule and build healthy habits for sustainable lifestyle changes.

Overall, intermittent fasting apps can be helpful in achieving weight loss, improved health, and overall wellness by providing users with the tools, guidance, and support they need to succeed.

Business model of an Intermittent Fasting App

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The business model of intermittent fasting apps varies depending on the specific app and the company behind it. However, there are several common revenue streams that these apps use:

1. Freemium model: Many intermittent fasting apps offer a free version of their app with basic features while charging users for premium features such as personalized meal plans, coaching, and access to premium content.

2. Subscription model: Some intermittent fasting apps require users to pay a monthly or annual fee to access all features and content. This model may also offer a free trial period to entice users to subscribe.

3. Advertisements: Some intermittent fasting apps may offer a free version that is supported by advertisements. This model allows the app to generate revenue through advertising while offering the app to users for free.

4. Affiliate marketing: Some intermittent fasting apps may partner with other companies to promote their products and services to users. In return, the app may receive a commission on any sales made through these partnerships.

5. Data collection: Intermittent fasting apps may collect user data and sell it to third-party advertisers or research organizations. This model allows the app to generate revenue while providing data to organizations that may use it for research or advertising purposes. 

In addition to these revenue streams, some intermittent fasting apps may also partner with health and wellness companies to offer promotions or discounts to users. This can help generate revenue for the app while providing value to users.

Overall, the business model of intermittent fasting apps is focused on providing value to users while generating revenue through a combination of subscription fees, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and data collection.

Intermittent Fasting App Development- Know-How’s

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In intermittent fasting (IF) you practice fasting schedule-wise. These schedules can be of various types-

  • Whole Day Fasting
  • Alternate Day fasting
  • OMAD
  • Time-restricted feeding

Free Features to Include in an IF Application

The range of free features that you can add to your intermittent fasting app are-

  • Different types of fasting schedules option like 5-2 and 16-8
  • Timer
  • Fasting tracker
  • Body height and weight tracker
  • All kinds of notifications
  • Water intake tracker
  • Blogs and articles related to intermittent fasting

Premium Features to Include in an IF Application

If we are talking about premium features, a subscription is the first thing that should be added to an app. You can add subscription packages of different ranges. Moreover, the premium users can access better health maintenance personal tips, coaching, and features like-

  • Personal fasting programs depend on your body’s condition.
  • Personalized solution for every week
  • Weekly challenges related to fitness.
  • Weekly rewards to motivate users
  • Options to select different fasting methods
  • Expert coaches help users to reduce weight faster. 

Through these premium features, you can monetize your app. 

Other than that, you can add features like- fasting statistics, past fasting details, reminders, a health goals-setting page, free trials, and a personalized diet chart. 

How to Build an Intermittent Fasting App Like Zero

No doubt, there are plenty of apps in the health and fitness niche and so it becomes crucial to build a unique app that highlights important learnings and is marketed smartly to grab users’ attention. 

An app development service provider is best suited for mapping and developing feature-loaded apps with efficiency and accuracy. 

App Building Roadmap

While building an app, a path or a roadmap should be followed. This way, one can achieve desired goals in a limited time with ease.

We at Extern Labs, always use the Agile-Scrum framework. The scrum framework provides value to the customer by completing development steps while Agile is a set of principles and values to complete any project with ease.

How Extern Labs Can Assist You in Building Intermittent Fasting App Development?

While building mobile and web applications through all these years has been a learning curve for us, A decade of constant hard work has made Extern Labs an established IT service provider. 

We use Kotlin, React Native, Ionic, and Flutter to make cross-platform apps. For native apps on Android and iOS, we use Java and Swift. 

As a client, you can also benefit from our Digital Marketing services. This helps newbies in the market reach out to their target customers quickly. 

Our satisfied clients all around the world speak volumes for the technical assistance that we have provided. 

If you have an idea to do business in the health and fitness app space, Extern Labs awaits your presence. 

Let’s achieve heights in the fitness world together!

In the meantime, stay healthy and fit!

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