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IoT Application Development Services

Extern Labs is a Web and Software development company that offers a wide range of IoT application development services. With our proven background in the software development industry, Extern Labs aims to deliver the best custom IoT Application Services that empower our clients. IoT or the Internet of Things; posses the aptitude to be used in various industries in many diverse ways. IoT technology basically used in embedded system techs and helps them to coordinate with integrated sensors, software, and all. IoT can be your new platform for various purposes and is currently being used in -

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & Medicine.
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Smart Homes.
  • Security Services.
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IoT Application Development

We have every tech expert in our team that might require in any complex custom IoT application development. Our Engineers follow the latest trends and technologies to keep our work the latest for you. We study the latest platforms and frameworks for custom IoT application Development and select the most effective and efficient for our clients.

  • Big Data Processes

    • Apache Hadoop
    • Elasticsearch
    • Apache Kafka
    • OpenTSDB
    iot application development
  • Big Data Analysis

    • SciPy
    • Spark ML
    • Grafana
    • Python
    • PyTorch
    iot application development services
  • Hardware Programming

    • CSharp
    • C/C++
    • Scala
    • Golang
    iot application development platform
  • Hardware Platform

    • Raspberry Pi
    • CHIP
    • Arduino
    • BeagleBone
    iot application development

IoT Application Services Solutions

We provide a wide range of IoT application development services from experienced engineers and developers; and IoT data architecture to building sleek and feasible applications for the users of connected systems.

Our Mobile app developers will help you build IoT mobile apps for Native or cross-platform functionality and manage your whole system. Extern Labs team of experts can use any development language, SDK, and IoT framework. As a result, we can help you develop any web or browser-based IoT application

We use leading database software tools to create embedded custom IoT applications. We also work on cloud database solutions. Our Experts create a centralized control dashboard with customization and data management tools to give you total control over IoT applications.

Empower your custom IoT Software with ML and AI technologies for better insights, a strong network, and smoother operations. Our team of IoT developers can support your IoT hardware with embedded software and firmware for better data input, output and optimized management.

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Our IoT Development Services

Being one of the top trending IoT Application Development Company, We provide end-to-end custom IoT development services. We have successfully completed 50+ IoT projects in different industries. The success of our clients proves our work.

iot application development company