Python is one of the most potential programming languages that can help develop web, mobile, and desktop applications and even games; without keen knowledge in programming. A proper Framework or library can make any Python programming much more effortless. There are hundreds of frameworks and libraries available for Python Development, and each of them has something different to offer. Today we are going to find the best Python library for game development. But Before that, know what the python frameworks and libraries are.

What is Python Library

Python libraries can be described as standard libraries; They contain prewritten codes for various tasks that anyone can use to acquire any feature, function, object, or method. We can link our applications to a library to access its codes and resources effortlessly. These prewritten codes might not be perfect for your purposes, but they can come in handy and will reduce your time.

What is a Python Framework

Frameworks are different from libraries; They have more control of your app. It directly helps and affects the architecture and many other objects. Frameworks include almost everything that might require to build an application. They also consist of one or more libraries to provide effortless Development.

They both are instrumental and necessary for Development; today, we are not comparing them; Here we are comparing two widely used Python libraries for game development

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Like Python, Pyglet is easy to understand and uses the python library. In addition, Pyglet is powerful enough to build a visually rich graphical user interface that can be used in games and multimedia. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

It has all the essential features like a window system, UI events handling, OpenGL support, Images integration, sound, and videos. It is solely based on the Python programming language. 

Benefits of Pyglet in development- 

  • Doesn’t Require external installation
  • Windows management system allowing multitasking support
  • We can use it for commercial and open source work 
  • We can use multimedia in any format, including any type of audio or sound and Visual.



Pygame offers in-built tutorials, examples, and FAQs, which makes it easier to work with them. It is a python-based implementation of the SDL library programmed in C. with SDL, Pygame already has all the features and advantages of SDL and provides users easier access to it. 

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Difference Between Pyglet & Pygame

Intertwined with OpenGLIt Uses SDL Libraries which is better than OpenGL
First subclass and then starts to do anythingStarting is easier with PyGame; It doesn’t require any class of function to start.
3D SupportedIt can only develop 2D projects and does not support 3D because of more straightforward python syntax
Version update will require changes in projectsWorking with Pygame is more convenient and portable. It has a broad and more accessible community of developers and a stable API, So you will never need to rewrite codes again.
When It comes to Speed, Pyglet is much faster.Pygame is too slow when compared to Pyglet
Smaller user base and communityOlder than Pyglet, it has more users and developers and popularity
UpdatedNot updated for a long time

You might think it’s not too different, but these more minor differences make significant in your work. So Pyglet is the better choice for game development of any scale, and If you are a beginner, you can start with Pygame then use Pyglet.

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